Friday, January 7, 2011

Spring Inspiration!

Don't you love it when the seed and plant catalogs begin arriving in the mail? My first ones came in mid-December.
They are so fun!! I couldn't have any more fun in a candy store!! (Okay, I am a little weird-- I'll admit)

Can I just tell you how much I love my yard and garden?!
It's not because of it's incredible soil/location etc. Nothing like that. In fact, our yard is on top of a pile of scoria, sandstone and the like. I have diligently composted and hauled manure for over 20 years. Now as I look at moving in the next year I don't mind leaving our home or the wonderful community we raised our youngest daughter in, it's my yard that I'll miss. It really is true that we love those we serve. Even if who we serve is our plants and land.

I look forward to one last summer here.
Can I make the yard better than ever so it is wonderful for the new owners? I hope so.

I decided today that I want to spend some of my blogging this next month of the 30 day blogging challenge focusing on gardening and getting ready to go. Please share with me things you are interested in, or you would like me to cover. This is going to be so much fun!!

This is such a great way to make it through the long days of a Montana winter.


  1. Your beautiful pictures make me yearn for spring!

  2. I adore that bassinet basket! So pretty

  3. Thanks Tera and Carmen! I too am longing for the days of no snow and planting. Since both of you are in the military I wonder if either of you get to have gardens of your own?

  4. I love your yard too! I need some of your inspiration for my own yard!

  5. Love your yard. Can't wait for spring.

  6. I love feeding the birds. It's not too cold down here but I do keep the bird feeders full of food and have several watering holes for them :)


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