Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun Times in Bozeman!!

We have been in Bozeman, Montana for the past few days.
We came to get a new daughter (in-law that is).
William (Bill) got married to Deza Rae.
We are a lucky family!!
These are the pictures that I took that are unrelated to the wedding, but show the beauty here.
Bear Canyon Campground, the parking place for our home on wheels!!
It's a nice campground and has been easily accessible for the wedding etc.
Beautiful fireweed beside the Gallatin River.

Alongside one of the creeks there were many little mini-meadows filled with joint grass.
Such fun memories of playing with joint grass as a child.

Laurence took me on a drive and for a picnic up in the mountains.
He is so good to me and is always trying to ease the tension and stress in my life.

I wish I knew the name of this mountain. All I know is that it is inside Yellowstone Park.

I wish I knew the name of this plant.
It's oversized red berries fascinate me.

The beautiful stream in the Spire campground.

More of that same stream.
I am so fascinated by water!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

William Gets Married

August 27th, 2011
William Laurence Pitt married Deza Rae Meidinger
The happy couple!

Jordan (Shirl's son), Shirl, Sidney, Laurence, William, Deza Rae

Jordan and his beautiful mother Shirl

Shirl and her Daddy...

Sidney and her grandson Jordan

May they have many, many happy years to come.
Last week we had the opportunity to go to Lander Wyoming and visit Laurence's family.
What a fun time!

We camped in Sinks Canyon. Monday night Teesha and Rheanna came up for dinner with us.
Tuesday Tanny and Orley took us up the mountain. What a fun drive!
We also got to spend part of Tuesday with Mila. In the evening we had dinner with Tanny and Mila. Orley had meetings and Mike wasn't back from work yet.
I forgot to take pictures of Mila, Mike, Tanny and Orley; but here are a few of Teesha and Rheanna. It was so delightful to see everyone!!
Laurence, Teesha and Rheanna
Those s'mores sure were yummy!! :)

Laurence and Rheanna
No one loves their grandkids more than he does!

Teesha and Rheanna

Yep, caught Teesha with one of those yummy s'mores!!

Rheanna got grandpa to help her with lots of s'mores....
wonder how she slept that night??

The Popo Agie River, flowing through the Sinks Canyon

Wind River Peak, the third highest mountain peak in Wyoming.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Friday's Find

I really enjoy attending garage sales...
We don't have many in Colstrip,
but I go when I can.
Friday I found this cute oil lamp.
The guy selling it was just wanting to move
and was selling things quite inexpensively.
This one cost me $2.
I like oil lamps and have a very small collection of them.
I just wish I knew as much about them as
my dear sister-in-law Glenda.  

Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Maiden Voyage

A few weeks ago we bought a 5th wheel camper. This weekend was our Maiden Voyage to the Big Horn Mountains. After some help from Laurence's brother Glenn on the phone and our neighbor Dan we made it out of the yard. We camped at Tie Flume Campground. I can tell that I am TERRIBLE at giving directions for him to back into a site......
Thanks to a camping neighbor that felt sorry for the horrible instructions I was giving Laurence we made it into the spot and got it very level.

We slept well, then when I took a shower we noticed water on the floor.....
In the most inconvenient place Laurence located the leak under the sink...
fortunately it was just a bad connection that was quickly fixed.
By the way, I want to trade this shower for my shower in the house!!
Laurence needed practice setting up the generator so 
I allowed him to set up the small generator so I could blow-dry my hair.
What a champ!! He did it without a hitch!! :)
Because I am oh so generous, I allowed Laurence to fix breakfast.
He was able to figure out how to light the stove. 
He did well at that once we figured out that you just turn the dial, it's already lit.
Besides my generosity, there is another reason for this... it is a Pitt TRADITION
(so I am told by Glenda and Carmen) that the Pitt men do all the cooking while camping.
Who am I to mess with TRADITION?

The day was beautiful, this is the river by our campsite.

We drove around the mountain top looking at possible places to camp.
It is allowed in the Big Horn National Forest
for you to camp many places that are not campgrounds
as long as you are at least 1/4 mile away from the road.
We will be back very soon!!