Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Walking on the Ocean Floor

Exploring Blomidon

Blomidon is an area on the Bay of Fundy that is beautiful.
I'd seen pictures and knew I had to go.
Tuesday morning we got a computer Laurence had worked on for a friend
and headed out to return it to it's home and visit Blomidon.

I never tire of all the beautiful churches here. 
It doesn't matter the denomination, they are so beautiful. 
I love the "crown" on the bottom one. 

There are so many gorgeous homes in Nova Scotia. 
Many of them are hundreds of years old. 
I love looking at them, would love to explore them, would hate to live in them. 
I think about all the stairs and all the cleaning......

The top picture was on our way to Blomidon.
The bottom picture is on our way back. 
The tide fluctuates so much here on the Bay of Fundy that you go from boats floating, to boats in mud. 

I found these shells in the place pictured in the above picture. 
I haven't found shells like this in Nova Scotia before. I was excited that these were whole!

The stairs from the park down to the ocean floor. 

The cliffs are so amazing here. Some of them are around 600' tall. 

I met a fisherman here. 
He was probably about 50 or so. He was born and raised in the area.
He had a bucket of fish he'd caught. 
When he left the floor of the ocean, he didn't go by the stairs, but went straight up the stream in the above picture.
 The falls acted as great stairs and it was a lot quicker.
You just have to be sure to have your wellies on.

Laurence didn't make the trip all the way down to the bottom.
It was fun with him on top and me on the floor. 

So, so beautiful!!

The above pictures are of the same place. 
One was taken when we were on our way out, the other when we left. 
I marvel constantly at the change of tides. 

Have I mentioned that we LOVE our mission?!!
We love Nova Scotia, the land and the people. 
More importantly, we love the opportunity we have to serve our Father in Heaven in His Holy Temple.