Friday, July 29, 2011


While in Great Falls with Glenn and Glenda we visited the Giant Springs State Park.
I have lived in Montana for nearly 25 years and I didn't know that this wonderful treasure existed! It is the most beautiful state park I have seen in Montana.
The entrance to the state park. It is a part of the Lewis and Clark Trail.

Water seeps into the ground South East of Great Falls in the Little Belt Mountains.
The water travels through limestone formations toward Giant Springs.
In the Springs area, the formation is 400' below the surface
Pressure caused by overlying rock layers force the water to escape upward.
It takes less than 50 years for water to flow from the Little Belt Mountains to the Giant Springs Area.
This creates the shortest river in the country.
The "Roe" River. It is 201' long and flows into the
longest river in the country, the Missouri River.
The Missouri River is 2,540 Miles long.
The water from the spring have been tested and found very pure.
It maintains a constant 54 degrees year-round.

Glenda, Glenn
Aisling, Laurence

These cute Canadian Geese were strolling across the road.
What a great place to winter and summer.
They are just a ways downstream from Giant Springs.

I guess he was feeling a little anti-social.

This beautiful Pelican was on the other side of the river.
A test of the zoom on my new camera.

Just down from the springs was this hydro-electric dam.
I loved the rock formations.

This is out of Great Falls a ways.
It is the true "Great Falls". The hydro-electric dam here was built on top of the falls.

Just below the Great Falls dam there was a beautiful park on an island.
This is just below there.
I can't thank Glenn and Glenda enough for making this trip happen!
We had talked about doing it many times, but I'm afraid that without their visit it never would have happened.

Monday, July 25, 2011

wHiTe WaTeR RaFtInG in West Glacier!!

In West Glacier we went White Water Rafting.
I had never gone before,
but if I have anything to say about it
it will not be my last time!
I am so glad that Glenda and Aisling really wanted to go.
Because of how high and cold the water still was
we had to wear wet-suits.
 Boy are those flattering.... NOT!
These pictures were all taken by Glenda.
She has a waterproof camera. Thanks Glenda!!
Glenn and Laurence were the lead men in the raft.
In retrospect, Laurence wasn't feeling well. Aisling probably should have done it.

My wonderful daughter!!  
She even looks gorgeous in a wet-suit and life-vest!

The water was beautiful. So green as it is melt from the glaciers.
Gotta love Laurence's favorite hat!  

Laurence and I, no glamour here!

Belton Bridge over the Middlefork of the Flathead River
I have other pictures that I took later from the bridge itself.
The bridge is now only a footbridge.

More of the beautiful scenery!

Our group: Glenn, Laurence, J.T. (our guide), Aisling....
I think I was off star-gazing...

East Glacier Park

We went to the East Side of Glacier, to St. Mary, Montana. It was a delightful trip. We had to go around the park, because the Road to the Sun road was too difficult for a 5th wheel to be pulled. (Not and still have Glenn and Laurence's hearts still beating properly.) It actually is restricted to a 21' total length.
Just inside the park from St. Mary.

This is the KOA Campground we stayed in. I wouldn't recommend the KOA,
but the view is totally AWESOME!!

The day we were up at the Visitor's Center on Logan Pass was the first day the Road to the Sun was open for the season.
They told us that this is the latest opening they have ever had.

We met this guy at the Logan Pass Visitor's Center.
It is the first time I have ever gotten a picture of a
Big Horn Sheep, and only the 2nd time I've ever seen one in the wild.

A glacier on the side of the mountain.

Billy Goat's Gruff??? A mountain goat we saw along the side of the road...

Sunrift Gorge

Swift water below Sunrift Gorge

Just below Sunrift Gorge, it is so beautiful there.
I started to hike down stream a bit when some people stopped me and told me not to go on down unless I had pepper spray for bears as they had just encountered one on the trail. I decided I didn't need pictures that bad.

More of the waters below Sunrift Gorge

Laurence's Wonderful brother and his Awesome wife; Glenn and Glenda

Two brothers just enjoying the trip and the company!
Glenn and Laurence

Can you believe he still puts up with me???
Sidney and Laurence

Those two amigos once again.....

There were so many waterfalls, you couldn't even begin to count!
I think partially it is due to the heavy snowpack and now all the run-off.
But it surely made for BEAUTIFUL SCENERY!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Day At Glacier National Park

Warning to one and all...... Photography Overload!!
While in West Glacier we took the shuttle as far up the Going to the Sun road as we could. The road was not open yet. This was actually great for us. We had the opportunity of walking further up the road past where the shuttles stopped. So fun!!
Laurence bought me a new camera on this trip. I love it. By doing this it made it so I gave him back his camera. He loves that!! However, it makes for 2X as many pictures!! So cool!

Glenn and Glenda on the shuttle up the mountain. We were lucky.... we had seats!

Heavens Peak was a beautiful mountain peak, highlighted right where we got off the shuttle.

More Heavens Peak

Heavens Peak.... Can you tell we liked it?!

Pretty little waterfall with columbine growing in the rocks

Walking up there were so many waterfalls right at the road.
The water was so cool and refreshing.... take a drink Glenda!!

One of the many beautiful views!

About this time Laurence and I fizzled out.
Laurence doesn't walk well, so I elected to hang out with him.
Aisling, Glenn and Glenda continued on.

These pictures Aisling took as they continued up the road.

More views. I am so glad I sent my camera with Aisling!!

The views are awesome.
Aisling said that Uncle Glenn told her that he has been in the Alps
and these are just as beautiful.

Glenda and Glenn at one of the beautiful waterfalls.
At this point Glenda was having terrific problems with her feet,
so she let Glenn and Aisling go on with out her.

My wonderful Aisling at the waterfall

Aisling and Glenn made it as far as they were allowed to go.
Bird Woman Falls

Bird Woman Falls, so beautiful!!

Definately the end of the road!