Monday, February 16, 2009

OK, So It's NOT the Iron Chef Competion

Being the partying kind of fools we are, we DIDN'T have an Iron Chef Competition, or light 89 candles on a beautiful cake only to blow them out. Although I wish we had been there for both events! Laurence and I spent Valentine's Day canning beef stew!! Bet you wish you'd been here:)
We are going to mom's this week. She told us on Thursday that they had made special arrangements with the butcher place that we could pick up our 1/2 beef while we are there. If you could see my freezer you would know why this sent me into panic mode! There was only one choice..... eat it and can it. I had 8 packages of stew meat that were taking up space. Laurence and I turned them into 8 quarts and 20 pints of beef stew. YUM!!! I am so tickled to be looking at this on our pantry shelf!! (I think my church calling is affecting my brain....)
AND..... after all the fun was over we cooked filet mignon and peach cobbler for dinner! It was a wonderful day!! Not to mention the beautiful rose Laurence gave me.
Happy Valentine's to All!!