Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Sabbath in Truro

What a fun road trip we had today!!
President Nelson had the assignment to speak in the Truro branch.
We were invited to tag-along. 

The Truro Branch really has a nice building. Equaled only by the people there!
Following church President took us on a driving tour of Truro.
This was such a beautiful view! Unfortunately the rain and clouds block a lot.
While I was running around taking pictures.....
Elder Pitt and President Nelson..... in the car.

Nearly every church here is white with black trim.
This is the church President Nelson attended as a youth.

What a pretty lake, with a nearly invisible goose. 

I don't know how many lakes are in Nova Scotia, but everyone of them is gorgeous!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

I Feel Pretty.... Oh, So Pretty....

 Outside the door to the temple is this beautiful weeping tree. I'm not sure what it is,
but I LOVE it!! I wonder if it's a weeping cherry. There are so many unfamiliar plants here.
It's been great fun becoming acquainted!!

We have such a fun patio! This is my flowers for the year.
I promise I won't buy any more..... (fingers crossed!)
We had a little hummingbird the other day. I immediately purchased a feeder.
We haven't seen any more but, I'm hopeful!
The orange begonia in the black pot was from Aisling for Mother's Day.
It is getting so big!!
I've never been able to have a fuchsia before. I've never had a shady spot for one.
This is the flower that the little hummingbird was drinking from.
We are so blessed to be in nearly ideal circumstances.
We love our mission!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

There is Beauty All Around!

As is true of all LDS Temples ~ the grounds here are beautiful!
So befitting the House of the Lord.

The azaleas (lower 2 pictures) are just starting to bloom.
We know we are where the Lord wants us at this time!!
We are so grateful to be able to serve in His house!!

Monday, May 18, 2015


Monday, May 18 was Victoria Day. A celebration of the Queen's birthday.
The Buott family was kind enough to take us on a tour!
We started with Cow Bay..... I don't know about you,
but I don't know that this is the statue I would expect at "Cow" bay.....
perhaps he's looking for a cow?
This is Cow Bay. Apparently years ago there was a beautiful sandy beach here.
The government took the sand to use for building a new airport. hmmmm
It is a beautiful area here. It is just a few miles from our house.
We plan to return!

On to the ferry to Halifax!
Frances and I were on top out in the beautiful day.
The men were below in the shelter.

This is Theodore Too. It's a replica of  Theodore Tugboat in a children's TV series. 

One of many, many fishing boats!
Frances, Laurence, Edward and Bill
On the Boardwalk in Halifax Harbour.
This is North America's oldest operating Naval clock.


George's Island ~ is the largest island entirely within the harbour limits of Halifax Harbour.
For two centuries, Georges Island was a key defense component to keep potential invaders
out of the city of Halifax. During the American Revolution the 84th Regiment of Foot
(Royal Highland Emigrants) were stationed at the fort to protect the harbour from American Privateers.

During the Seven Years' War, two thousand French sailors were imprisoned on the island after the British victory in the Battle off Cape Race, Newfoundland.

We love Nova Scotia and the people here!!
We also love serving God in His Holy Temple!
We are so blessed!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Sunday we had the opportunity of going to Bridgewater with President and Sister Nelson.
He is in the temple presidency and she is one of the matron's.
They are some of the most hard working, kindest people I know!

Following church we were invited to Naomi Jewers home for lunch. We had a wonderful lunch.
It was a combination of the lunch Sister Nelson Packed and what Naomi prepared.

Sister Pat Jewers, Sister Pitt, Elder Pitt & Naomi Jewers
Pat is Naomi's mom. Her dad arrived just as we were leaving.
We work at the temple with Pat and her husband.
 This is the Bluenose II. A replica of the fishing schooner that was built in 1921.
It was also an undefeated racing schooner.
The sign gives a nice background on the schooner.
I've included the French side for my friend Sherie!! Enjoy Sherie! 

Lunenburg Golf Course...
I believe the next two pictures are at Mahone Bay. If I am wrong, someone please tell me. 

There are many beautiful churches here!!  Most are older, beautiful and with great architecture!

We are so grateful for the many kindnesses that have been shown to us!!
We are so happy to be able to serve Our Father in Heaven in His Holy Temple!
It is such a blessing to us!