Sunday, July 26, 2015

Amherst and Pugwash

Sunday we got to go to church in Amherst with President and Sister Nelson

Amherst is a small branch about 2 hours from Cole Harbour. In our church, a branch is a congregation that is smaller than a ward. They are both organized geographically and members attend a ward or branch near their home. Amherst is in Nova Scotia, just three kilometers or 1.8 miles from New Brunswick. 

We can't thank President and Sister Nelson enough for letting us tag along with them!
They are the world's best tour guides and we love them dearly!!
We arrived to find a beautiful church and grounds. 

The people in the branch were so kind and welcoming! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit!!
The treat for the day was that we got to listen to both President & Sister Nelson speak. 
They are both amazing speakers. 
I'd be delighted to listen to either of them anytime!!
They have a large property there. Plenty for expansion!! 

There are beautiful maple trees around the perimeter of the grounds! 

We were invited to President and Sister Brogan's home for lunch following meetings. 
President Brogan is the Branch President over the branch.  Like a bishop over a ward. 
They live in Pugwash. It is about a 30 minute drive from the chapel. But it is stunningly gorgeous out there!!
They served us a delicious lunch and were so good to us! What a fun visit and what great new friends!!

This is the view from the family room window. The body of water is the Northumberland Strait. 
The Northumberland Strait is the body of water that separates Prince Edward Island from the mainland. 
On the very horizon you can see Prince Edward Island.
Later in the day, when it cleared a bit, we were also able to see the bridge across from New Brunswick to PEI. 

This is their back yard.  They are in the process of completing their home, hence the gravel pile. 
Love the rustic barn. 

This sight warmed my heart! It is obvious that this beekeeper gets his paint the same place dad always got his!! 
Beehives always make me think of my dear dad! He had a birthday this week. He would have been 91. 

Our hearts are filled with gratitude to Our Father in Heaven for answering our prayers and sending us to this incredible mission! Our testimonies of Him and of His church grow daily. 
We love our friends and family that stop by our blog. 
Leave us a comment! They make us feel loved!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum

Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum

Monday we grabbed the sisters next door and went to the Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum.
It is right in the middle of Cole Harbour, but you surely don't feel it when you're there. 

This is the remainder of a farm that was here since the 1800's and perhaps earlier. 
It is one hectacre in size and has this farmhouse in addition to other outbuildings 
and another home that was moved in. In 1976 it was designated as Provincial Heritage Property 
in recognition of the fact that it represents surviving examples of a way of life that has all 
but disappeared in this area. 

Inside the farm house is a cute little tea room and gift shop. 

We are so fortunate to live next door to the sisters. 
We have new neighbors now.
Sister Tait and Sister Smith, are both from Utah. 
Sister Tait is brand new and Sister Smith goes home next transfer. 

 They grow quite a few of the veggies that they serve in their own gardens. 
We had rhubarb pie that was divine. 

The gardens are delightful to walk through and enjoy a bit of nature.

 This made me smile. There was this hive and then another that you can barely see that is two boxes high. 

Not just veggies grow here! 

 There were loads and loads of very pretty flowers

"From 1860 - 1940 over 100,000 children were emigrated right across Canada 
to be used as indentured farm workers and domestics. Canadians 
thought these children to be orphans, when in fact only two percent were. 
They were sent by families who had fallen on hard times and because there was no social system
to help the families get over the difficult times, they surrendered their children. 
My father was a British Home Child. He arrived In Quebec on 26 April 1928 as a 15 year old 
with another 9 children. They all went to various destinations. 
My father ended up as a farm labourer in St John - not a happy time for him. 
He managed to run away and lying about his age, got various jobs, one being a lumberjack. 
After 3 years he got himself back home to England."
This was written by my friend Diane who served her mission in the Ireland Dublin Mission after me. 
Diane was born and raised in England, and still lives there. 
This was a very hard time for all the families!

Stuart Harris, the last person to farm the site of what is now the farm museum was a British Home Child.
The NS branch of the British Home Children and Descendants Association
 occasionally meet here and last year donated this bench to the farm.

Some of the barns and other outbuildings. The building on the far right is the Giles home.

 The Giles House is one of the oldest buildings in Cole Harbour. 
The house was originally built in ca 1780 on one hundred acres of land purchased by Joseph Giles in 1789. 
Giles moved to Cole Harbour from the United States in 1786. 
He was one of the earliest settlers of Cole Harbour. 
The modest farm house was moved to the Cole Harbour Farm in 1976 to save it from demolition.

This scraper is like one that my neighbor in Colstrip gave me, 
except mine doesn't have the additional bar attached. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Keep Having Birthdays Bill!!!

A few months ago, Sister Harding suggested that the Buott's have us for dinner and have lobster. (LOVE HER!!)
As Buott's have been gone to the states, it had to wait until their return, 
which also happened to be on Bill's birthday eve. 
Bill bought the lobster and steak (I have no pictures of the steak, sorry), then we could all split the cost. 

Bill gave us a tutorial on cooking lobster....

Put it in head-first so it doesn't suffer....

Elder Harding and Elder Pitt try their hand at putting the lobster in to cook. 

All six lobsters are in to cook

Three in each pot.... cook for about 30 minutes. 
They are done when the tentacles pull out. 

This is their son Edward's choice for dinner...... 
I'm so glad that was not mine!! He was very happy tho'!

YES!!!! This is dinner!! 

Now for the next tutorial..... or we could have eaten them like Darryl Hannah does in the movie Splash 
and just torn into it with our teeth.... 

I cannot tell you how amazingly delicious this was!! Talk about fresh!!
Thank you Bill for scouring the shops for the finest, freshest for us!!

Not sure if Bill is making a wish or praying that we will soon leave him in peace....... 

Like any good birthday boy, he serves his own cake as well!!
Way to go Bill!!

This seems to be the motto of the people here in the Maritimes!!
We are so blessed to be able to spend time among such amazing people!!
We love them!! We love the Maritimes!!
We love the Buott's!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oh what a beautiful evening.... oh what a beautiful day......

What a beautiful evening!!
This evening following the sessions at the temple, we drove down to the harbour here in Dartmouth.
It was so beautiful, peaceful and calm! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

BEACHES!! This province has amazing BEACHES!!

After we went to Memory Lane 40's Heritage Village, 
we drove on down the road a few kilometers to the amazing 
Clam Harbour Beach

This beach is stunning!! 
What a last place to take the sisters before they leave us. 
They are really great sisters. Their families should be very proud of them!

The view here is gorgeous!

The beach going to the water is so smooth and beautiful!

Our designated dry person.....

The beach just goes on and on. There weren't a lot of people there. 
The water was so warm!!

We had a beautiful day!! 

He enjoyed the day as well!! Keeping watch over all of us. 

We are incredibly happy! 
We are serving our Father in Heaven in a place that is nearly heaven!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Down Memory Lane........

Today we had the privilege of spending part of Sister Shannon and Sister Lambert's 
last P-day in Cole Harbour with them. 
On the advice of President Nelson (counselor in the temple presidency) 
we went to Memory Lane 1940's Heritage Village
followed by Clam Harbour Beach
President Nelson knows Nova Scotia like none-other!

We had such a fun time!! For Laurence and I it was memories.... for the Sisters it was a museum. 

Laurence and the Sisters helping Nephi build a boat.....

Sister Lambert waxing philosophical....

Sister Shannon preaching fire and brimstone...

Elder Pitt working on the chain gang....

This must be where Sister Shannon learned to teach so well.....

Oh no! Someone is definitely in trouble!!

Yes indeed, schools came complete with their very own outhouses! 

And this one hadn't even been used!! 

Hey..... it doesn't come with a Sears Catalog....

Here we are ready to ride off into the sunset!

The next post will be about our fun time at Clam Harbour Beach!