Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #9 Bread

This was a hard one for me to do.
So many different choices.
I would have loved a picture of my mother's homemade bread.
Not an option. This is where/how I get mine. :)

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #8 PEACE

Only in a household where your daughter had an awesome History of the 60's teacher would you still find these fun graphics!

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #1 JOY

#1 JOY
Last weekend Laurence bought a new pickup.
The man-toy every man wants:)
And who gets the most "JOY" out of it?
That would be Aisling. She has driven it far, far more and is ready to trade in her little Focus for a TRUCK!!

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #11 RANDOM

I am always fascinated by the sandstone formations in the area we live.
They are always so "random" no two alike.
This is across the street from our home.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #10 ANIMAL

Everyone is headed to the chuckwagon...
in one way or another!!
Love all the spring babies!

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #5 DARK

In view of the current weather in our southern states I hesitate to post this.
This is a view of "dark" clouds. These clouds coming from the west to my house usually leads a storm.
I wonder what it's bringing.... this morning it was snow but the sun melted that this afternoon.

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #2 EYE


....Of the Potato!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #13 SERVICE

The service that has been rendered over the years in innumerable...
(My apologies to a certain little boy that it is not a John Deere!)

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #15 COMMUNICATION

In Montana we call it the way we see it!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #14 CONCRETE

Newly poured concrete at our Post Office.
Yeah Us!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #3 WOOD

#3 WOOD... I love collecting old things.
This is an old Wooden Nail Keg

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #7 PRIDE

This is my wonderful neighbor Ingrid. She is one of the best grandma's ever!!
She is so proud of her grandkids, and I caught her here with her oldest granddaughter.

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #4 LIFE

Nearest real shopping: 120 miles
Nearest real medical: 120 miles
This IS my life!!

Photography Scavenger Hunt.... #6 WATER

Continuing on with my V7N Photo Scavenger Hunt.
This is my picture of water.
Hard Water in this case:)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photography Scavenger Hunt... #12 WEATHER

I am participating in a photography scavenger hunt. It is for the month of April and you have to take all of the pictures yourself and can only take them during this month. (No cheating with old ones:)
There are 15 Categories. I am really just getting started. We've had so much going on around here that I'm a bit behind. Now I'm going to come up from behind in a blaze... LOL

The category I chose was WEATHER. This is what things looked like in Forsyth on Tuesday April 19, 2011