Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Crazy, Fun Couple of Hours!

Let's Get Those Oyster Shells!

Time with these two friends will never be boring!
Frances and Trudy are absolutely crazy! 
Trudy wanted to go where I had found oyster shells in the past. 
You'll note by the bags that she was successful! 

The last time Frances and I went to this area, she got stuck in the mud, but I didn't get a picture. 
This time she decided to pose.

I was so slow taking the picture that she actually did get stuck in the mud. 
She got stuck for worse this time than last. 

Luckily for her, Trudy was there to help her out. 
I was so pre-occupied taking pictures and laughing, that I was NO help!

Ultimately, she had a sock on one foot and nothing on the other. 

There is no area of Nova Scotia that is not beautiful!
I have always loved this bridge. 
So fun!

So many fun shells on the beach! 

You can never get too much of the beauty of Nova Scotia!

What a fun day we had!
Thanks Trudy and Frances!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sister Cliff is Celebrating!!

It's Her Birthday!!

January 23rd Susan Cliff's daughter held a surprise birthday party for Susan's 70th Birthday. 
Susan is the beautiful woman on the right. 
Laurence and I Home Teach Susan and Faith (Faith is the lady above on the left). 
Home Teaching is when 2 individuals (usually 2 priesthood holders) visit members of our church on a monthly basis
 to make sure they are doing okay, help in any way possible and share a spiritual message. 
Here she is with Bruce Hampson, a member of our ward and Family Home Evening group. 
Ron Mepham and his wife Christine (not pictured) attended as well. 
Where are you Christine???
Charles Grant and Rose Bruce.
They also belong to our Family Home Evening group. 
Myself, Sue Hampson and Faith
What wonderful people we have a chance to rub shoulders with here!!
Charles and Susan
Charles is such a tease!! 
Love them both. 

Happy, happy birthday Susan!!! 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Best Kind of Therapy........

Eastern Passage January 4, 2016

One of the many things I love here is the opportunity a person has to go to the beach
 even if there is only a little bit of time. 

Even in the middle of winter the beach calls my name. 
The proper name for the beach at Eastern Passage is 
MacCormacks Beach Provincial Park. 
As you can see, it is a peninsula that juts out into the harbour.
There is a boardwalk all the way around it and a few picnic shelters and benches. 
An added bonus, it's about 10 minutes from our apartment. 
This is looking back on Fisherman's Wharf. 
There are fun restaurants, touristy shops (during summer) a hotel etc. 

Hard to see, there are about 100+ seagulls floating on the water here.  

Martinique Beach ~ January 7, 2016

If you have a bit more time, a short drive to Martinique Beach is great! 
According to Google Maps it is about 40 minutes from our apartment. 
Trudy and I got new rain boots, we were off to try them out!

It was a beautiful day!
Although there was snow on the ground, there was sunshine and we were protected from the wind. 

The beach here is always beautiful!
I've heard that they also surf here. Apparently right after big storms is the best. 
Not me, water is still COLD in the winter, even if they are wearing wet-suits!
The water here in the ocean is actually not all that cold to the touch, but just look at this just above the tide pools. 

All in All ~ God's Creations are Amazing!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Everyone Makes Us Feel So Loved Here!

Hartling's in Halifax!
What a fun evening!
Sharon and Bert Hartling invited the 3 temple missionary couples 
along with the Greens and O'Hearons. 
 We had a very fun evening!! 
Pictured above: Bert, Sharon, Elder & Sister Lamoreaux. 

Pictured on the left: from left to right: Bill O'Hearon, Elder & Sister Linford, Bert & Sharon Hartling, Elder & Sister Lamoreaux
Pictured on the right: left to right Jackie & Bill O'Hearon, Elder & Sister Linford, Bert & Sharon, Elder & Sister Linford
I didn't take a picture of all the delicious food that Sharon provided. Yummmm 
I should have taken a picture! She had such a wonderful assortment of delicious food!
 We had a great game of Jenga. 

 Laurence took joy in making it very difficult to follow him. 
Jackie is such a fun person!!
Bill Green was the lucky one to drop the tower. 

Then he played his guitar and sang for us, with Alice joining in. 
We sang along on occasion. Some Beautiful songs. 
Sharon and Bert Cutting a rug..... hmmmm what is it called when there is no rug??? 

We really enjoyed Bill entertaining all of us. 
He and his wife, Alice, are both very talented!

Our thanks to everyone for a wonderful evening! 
Thank you Sharon and Bert for planning this. 
We feel so loved here! 

Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. 
We love Him and are so grateful for the opportunity we have to return and live with Him someday. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

NEW YEAR'S DAY in Bridgewater!

We were invited for New Year's Dinner to the Hunt's home in Bridgewater. 
Since we were driving all 3 couples I was able to persuade everyone to go early so we could hit a few beaches......... 
 First stop..... Queensland Beach
 Elder & Sister Lamoreaux
This is a great beach, right next to the road. 
There were several different cars that came and experienced the "Polar Plunge". 
We had a great time watching. 
Here I found my first ever piece of red sea glass!! WooHoo for me!!
This is what I got on the beach that day. 

The time on the beach was not even close to being the best part of the day!

Dinner at the Hunt's with the Jewers

Hunt's have a beautiful home! It is from the 1800's I believe. 
(I hope Dianne will correct me if I'm wrong)
Dianne and Wayne are amazing hosts. 
From left to right: Dianne Hunt, Elder & Sister Linford, Wayne Jewers and Pat Jewers
Aisling says that Wayne Jewers could be one of Grandpa Zeller's brothers. 
He does look like he could fit. He is also just as kind and funny!

Did I mention that Dianne can cook like non-other?!
From left to right: Laurence, Elder & Sister Lamoreaux, Wayne Hunt
The food was astounding and so was the company!! 
The Jewers are such great people to "hang out" with!! 
We love them all!! 
This is my first try at doing a panoramic picture with my iPhone. 
Brother Hunt showed me how. It's not the best, but I'm improving. 
Left to right: W. Hunt, Elder & Sister Lamoreaux, Elder & Sister Linford, Pat Jewers, Dianne Hunt, Wayne Jewers, Laurence. 

Have I mentioned how wonderful the people are here??? 

I am sure that all of the people we have met here sleep well!!