Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Souris PEI

~ Souris Lighthouse ~

Different types of glass that becomes sea glass....

..... More examples of prospective sea glass..

Someday I'm going to check my glass to see if any of it is "Uranium Glass". 

Souris Beach ~ Aisling Paddleboarding

Aisling and I met this man on the beach at Souris. 
He gave us quite a bit of beach glass and hints on how to find it. 
Really a nice man. He collects glass and sells it. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Prince Edward Island

The Potato Museum and the Giant Potato

What can you do with a giant potato?
Photo op of course!

Looks like a great baking spud to me!! 

West Point Lighthouse

This lighthouse is pretty cool!
In addition to the lighthouse it also houses a museum, craft shop and an inn! 
Talk about one stop shopping!! 

Built in 1875,  with a total height of 67 feet 8 inches this lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse on the island.

The red sand at PEI is so beautiful!!

Laurence wondering if his two wanderers are ever returning....

Aisling in the Land of Anne

Green Gables

Green Gables was such a fun area to explore. 

Most of the items were dated to the time period of her books.

Wendy V. every time I saw Anne, I thought of you.....