Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I LOVE a Good Deal!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE a good deal!
I am not above dickering, dumpster diving, begging....
Whatever it takes!!
At Laurence's work they decided to replace a laser printer because it was no longer fast enough.
The printer they were replacing was slated to be auctioned. However the auction wouldn't be for nearly a year. By the time the year was up with the printer being stored unplugged in the cold warehouse it would be ruined.
My husband offered to do them a favor and take it off their hands for $75. They accepted his offer and said they would throw in 7 cartridges of toner if he would pay $100. total.
(They had no other printers on site taking that particular toner.)
Yes we are sort of known as the ones that will bring all sorts of "junk" home, but hey, we are the ones they mention it to as well!! (And I do know what to do with true junk.)
So far we've made about 128,000 copies and still running stong. We put in 3 new toner cartridges tonight and still have 2 more.
Lucky us!! We feel so Blessed!!

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