Monday, April 13, 2015

The Voice of the Sea Speaks to the Soul

Today was our Preparation day. The morning was spent with Laurence clearing out the last of our ice so we can now use our front door. YAY!! Life is easier now!!
The snow is melting so quickly! It is shocking to me. I love finding out what is under this white wonderland!!
After this we took Elder & Sister Wood shopping. Followed by a trip to a thrift store for me. I didn't find anything,    but sure enjoy the search!!

A trip to the harbour followed the thrift store.
I'm thinking the sign should read more like,
no parking here..... haha!!

We went to Eastern Passage. It is located at the southeastern edge of Halifax Harbour, fronting the Atlantic Ocean, Eastern Passage derives its name from the narrow strait separating the mainland from McNabs Island and Lawlor Island, both of which lie several hundred metres west of the community. This "Eastern Passage" into the harbour is not the main shipping channel due to its shallow depths; the main shipping channel lies west of McNabs Island. The Eastern Passage is largely used by small recreational boats and fishing vessels during inclement weather as the island affords shelter from prevailing winds.

Fisherman's Cove at Eastern Passage. The smell of the salt water, the colorful boats, the lobster traps....

St. Andrew's "By the Sea" Roman Catholic Church. It was built in 1926, replacing an already existing smaller church that was about 80-85 years old.

Called to Serve Together

We have met so many amazing people since we came here just a little over a month ago. Everyone of them has added more sweetness to our lives and our mission!
This is our temple President and his wife. President and Sister Fox. From England originally, although they have lived in Canada and the states for many years. They have a beautiful home just outside Dartmouth. Both have beautiful English accents. They are both retired medical doctors. What amazing people! Their humility, love, devotion and willingness to serve is monumental. We have come to really love and respect them! We are so blessed to work with such people. We will be working with them our entire mission. We will be released about 2 months before they are released.
Elder and Sister Wood are senior missionaries from Burley, Idaho. They have served many missions. This will be their last. We feel fortunate to have them as a part of our mission. They live upstairs from us. They will go home in about 2 1/2 months. We will miss them. They are such a great couple!! We blessed to be able to spend quite a bit of time with them.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beautiful. Gorgeous Snow!!

The rest of the month of March and the first part of April have been filled with snowstorms and blizzards.
I took a lot of pictures because it was so, so gorgeous. I'm going to share a few of them in one post. Just know that these cover about a 3 week period.

 Church was cancelled on Sunday March 15. This is what our parking lot looked like. We are so blessed that the people here get right on snow removal. It wasn't possible for most people to even get out of their driveways, the buses didn't run etc.
This was shortly before the plow came in on Monday morning. All schools were cancelled.

By 6:30 is was being cleared. That is our pickup on the left front.
10:00 Monday morning. It just kept snowing and snowing..... I was so grateful that it was not my responsibility to shovel!!
After they had cleared a bit, Laurence went and finished digging out the pickup and then moved it so they would have more room to work with in clearing the lot.
The main door to our apartment building. It leads out to the parking lot in back.

This is our bedroom window right before the snow storms....

Our bedroom window. Although it looks like there is space at the top, it really is just an air pocket.
This is how Laurence deals with a snow day with the temple closed and most of the city shut down...
This is how I deal with a snow day.....
Laurence was still kind enough to brave the crazy roads to take me to Tim Horton's for my wifi fix.
We still didn't have internet or telephone. Tim Horton's is a fast food place that has great donuts and free wifi! They were the only place open. We were supposed to get that on Monday the 16th. The storm made it so we didn't get it for another week.
It continued snowing that week. This is our main door (shown above) on Thursday when they were able to get to it. They cleared it with a back hoe. The operator was amazing. He was able to get right against the building without scraping it.

They also cleared this one with a back hoe. Laurence did the finishing up on the steps with his snow shovel. It made it nicer for everyone going in and out.
The street behind our apartment.
It really is a two lane street....
We arrived early for church on Sunday March 22nd. Laurence backs  in toward the temple instead of the church so he stays out of the way of other smaller vehicles.
It was so incredibly beautiful!!

From our bedroom window at midnight on March 28. Just missing the Christmas lights!!
I almost missed getting a picture at all of the snow this Sunday morning (March 29). A lot was gone by the time we had driven to the church and church was out.
The streetlight outside our apartment. Love the ice on it!
This was taken  when we first got here,
when there was less snow.
Taken yesterday, Saturday April 11. Just a wee bit more to go and we'll be able to use our front door and walk.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


We feel both Blessed and Lucky!!

I bet you guessed that we didn't take this picture!! If we had it would all be white. This gives you a bit of an idea of where we live. Our apartment is on the side of the building opposite the temple, with our patio and front door facing the back parking lot.

This is the view out our laundry room window. It is a common laundry for the entire building. We are fortunate that it is on the same floor as we are and just about 100' down the hall and is on the opposite side.
A couple of days after we arrived here we went for a drive. We ended up at the Halifax Harbour, on the Dartmouth side. The Harbour is so beautiful.

We were glad we got to see it before the onslaught of snow!! We haven't been able to go down there since.
My favorite Paddy the week of St. Patrick's Day.

Our front door. As of April 12, we still haven't been able to use this side walk. Soon, soon!!
We are loving our life!!
We are definitely blessed to be here!!
We are in the perfect mission for us!
So grateful that the Lord is in charge!!

Friday, March 13, 2015


~Our New Address~
10 Cumberland Drive #104
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2V 2C7

Friday, March 6, 2015


We left Portland, Maine the morning of March 5 headed at last for Canada. We went to Houlton, Maine, where we crossed the border into Canada.

That was a very painless process. The Canadian Border Patrol were very nice and accommodating. The reason that it was so easy is because the church makes sure that you have all the paperwork you need so you aren't caught missing something. We even had papers on us that they didn't ask for...... but they could have.
We had a snowy, icy drive into Fredericton, New Brunswick. We saw many signs saying to watch for moose. However, we didn't see any. I think it's the wrong time of year.
We didn't see any honeybees either...... haha!!
We stayed the night at the beautiful Crown Plaza Hotel in Fredericton. Fortunately for us is was the week of spring break throughout the province so with Priceline's help we got a fantastic deal. What a fun hotel with an amazing restaurant!
 The morning of March 6th we left Fredericton, New Brunswick headed for Dartmouth/Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was a beautiful drive with lots of snow and trees!
 Our first view of the beautiful Halifax Nova Scotia Temple! What a beautiful sight!!
We love the Halifax Temple!! We feel so honored to be allowed to serve the Lord here.