Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Devil you say......

Most of our off time tends to center around one of two things.....
Food and Beautiful Countryside...
Saturday night (May 16, 2015) We had a great combination of both!!

Dinner at Wharf Wraps with great people!! From left to right circling the table.
Sister Leavitt, Sister Harding, Sister Pitt, Brother Green, Sister Green, Elder Harding & President Leavitt
President and Sister Leavitt are over the Halifax Mission,
Elder & Sister Harding are the missionary couple in the office,
Brother and Sister Green are the volunteer couple in the mission office and also in the temple. 
Brother and Sister Green
Brother Harding and President Leavitt
Laurence and I both had Baked Stuffed Haddock that was to die for!
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.
However, I DID take a picture of the sink in the washroom!!

Following dinner we took a drive down the coast. Here we found a lighthouse I'd been wanting to see.
Devil's Island Lighthouse. The island is now desserted.

Some say it is haunted. It is surely a pretty view from the shore!! 
The island is the outermost island in Halifax Harbour.

I love watching and listening to the waves and water. I could do that all day.
There is so much beauty here!!

This little stretch of heaven is about 6 miles from our home.
How great is that?!
We are truly enjoying our lives!!
Serving the Lord is the best!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Loving Heavenly Father's Creations!!

This week has been a beautiful week!! We've had tons of sunshine.
It has been absolutely gorgeous and yet not too hot.
Thursday after an appointment we headed out to Peggy's Cove.

Although we didn't have a lot of time, we surely enjoyed what we had.
It was so beautiful and the granite boulders were absolutely amazing.

The sky was a beautiful, cloudless blue and the ocean was equally beautiful.
Peggy's Light House is one of the most photographed structures in Atlantic Canada.
We were happy to add to the number!!

The entire cove is so beautiful. There was much more, but we were a bit short on time
 as we had to be at the temple in the afternoon.

See the amazing guy I get to hang around with?
Being a senior missionary is amazing!! There are huge perks as well...
You get to choose your companion, there are no transfers (for us anyway)....

There were several churches that had beautiful structures to them.
Unfortunately this is the only picture that turned out.

A trip is never complete without food.
We had a yummy lunch at the Sou' Wester!
This is my stuffed lobster! It was delish!!
For Laurence it was the baked haddock with fries.
The fries were the best we've had in Nova Scotia.
The area around the Lighthouse is all like this.
The beach area is just beautiful!
The trip back to Dartmouth 

I love islands out in the middle of bays. They are so fun!
Remind me of some of my childhood stories like Tom Sawyer.


I can truly say I've never before seen advertising for a cemetery....
Before Thursday that is!
The MacKay Bridge from Halifax to Dartmouth
Thanks for joining us, we had a great time!
Don't forget to leave comments.....
We are doing our best to thrive and bloom!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chicken Burgers and other fun times!

The same night we went to Shubie Park with Buott's, they also took us down to the Harbour. It was just
dusk and oh so beautiful!! We saw one ferry leave and one arrive. I'm really looking forward to a
nice day when we can ride the ferry both ways and just enjoy the view!
The Angus L. MacDonald bridge. It is a suspension bridge that spans Halifax Harbour.
It is a little over 3/4 of a mile long. Known locally as "the old bridge", it opened in 1955.

We have had such great times here!! We do work as well....we just don't blog most of it. 
Someday I'll tell you about my responsibilities.
Monday we had an appointment to have the pickup undercoated to resist the salt.
Frances Buott was kind enough to pick us up from the truck place and take us to Chicken Burger to eat!!
At 70+ years old, it is the oldest drive-in diner in Canada.
Our wonderful chicken burgers and fries. We had cranberry sauce on our burgers. Yummm!
Good-bye Chicken Burger.... til next time!
A short drive around part of Bedford Basin yielded beautiful views! It'll get greener quickly!
The water looks gray in these photos, but it wasn't nearly that gray in person.
The Bedford Basin is the upper portion of Halifax Harbour.

Across the Basin....
We can't express how happy we are!!
Serving the Lord and being with amazing people is so wonderful for us!!
We thank our Father in Heaven daily for such rich blessings!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Counting Our Blessings........

Much of the work we do on our mission is not something you can take pictures of. However, the area we
are serving in and the people we have a chance to associate with are certainly worth a look!! So, if it seems
that we're always playing..... well that's because most pictures are taken on what is called our preparation
day, or P-day for short. It is a day when we prepare for the coming week, do errands, play, go shopping etc.
Last week after a long hard day, we decided to take a drive out to Eastern Passage to take a walk and eat
a bite. The walk didn't happen, but dinner surely did. We ate at this fun restaurant on the wharf.  
I have wanted to share a picture of this sign since we moved here. At first there the snow was so you
couldn't see it when I could take a picture. Then the traffic was moving fast. The other day we were in
slow traffic... yay!! I have found out that Sidney Crosby plays hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
I think in the summer it will have beautiful flowers around it.
Laurence, Frances, Edward and Bill
Sunday the Buott family invited us to go on an afternoon walk with them. We went to Shubie Park.
This park is 40 acres and it is right in Dartmouth. You'd never guess that. It feels so secluded. It includes a
campground for tent and RV camping in case anyone is wanting to come our way..... GLENDA?????
My first blue jay. So fun!
Bill and Frances on the shore of Lake Charles. This is a nice beach area.
Bill and Frances are true "Nova Scotians", born & bred.
Looking across Lake Charles. At this point it doesn't look very large.
It is actually about 3.24 km long and .6 km wide. There are several islands in it.
Our temple president has his home here on the lake.
By the beach was a great place for Laurence to rest and enjoy!!
A portion of the Shubenacadie Canal passes through the park. It was built originally to link Halifax Harbour
with the Bay of Fundy. It was begun in 1826 and completed in 1861. In 1871 it was abandoned.
As I look at it, I wonder how ships could possibly have passed through there.
The walk along the canal is beautiful. This day it was so peaceful and quiet! The water was like glass.
On the far side you can see some of the stones that were quarried and brought in to construct the canal.
Loved the views!!
Many ducks followed us along. Hoping for food I'm sure. Unfortunately for them, it is now a no-no to feed
the ducks in Halifax. Apparently at one time people fed the ducks and then the birds that were supposed
to go south quit going south because they could get a handout here.
That led to another problem. The water fowl were so numerous that the lakes and such became very
 polluted from them. You can no longer swim in many of the lakes because of the heavy pollution
from the birds. There is a lesson there regarding free handouts......
11 year old Edward on the far side of the Lock.
There are 9 locks in the canal. Three of them have been restored and one of those is operational.
We had such a delightful time and are so grateful to the Buott family for adopting us!!!
We see the hand of God in every moment of our lives! We give thanks daily!
We feel like the most blessed people ever to be given the opportunity to serve in this part of His
beautiful vineyard! We know we are making eternal friendships here.