Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Walking on the Ocean Floor

Exploring Blomidon

Blomidon is an area on the Bay of Fundy that is beautiful.
I'd seen pictures and knew I had to go.
Tuesday morning we got a computer Laurence had worked on for a friend
and headed out to return it to it's home and visit Blomidon.

I never tire of all the beautiful churches here. 
It doesn't matter the denomination, they are so beautiful. 
I love the "crown" on the bottom one. 

There are so many gorgeous homes in Nova Scotia. 
Many of them are hundreds of years old. 
I love looking at them, would love to explore them, would hate to live in them. 
I think about all the stairs and all the cleaning......

The top picture was on our way to Blomidon.
The bottom picture is on our way back. 
The tide fluctuates so much here on the Bay of Fundy that you go from boats floating, to boats in mud. 

I found these shells in the place pictured in the above picture. 
I haven't found shells like this in Nova Scotia before. I was excited that these were whole!

The stairs from the park down to the ocean floor. 

The cliffs are so amazing here. Some of them are around 600' tall. 

I met a fisherman here. 
He was probably about 50 or so. He was born and raised in the area.
He had a bucket of fish he'd caught. 
When he left the floor of the ocean, he didn't go by the stairs, but went straight up the stream in the above picture.
 The falls acted as great stairs and it was a lot quicker.
You just have to be sure to have your wellies on.

Laurence didn't make the trip all the way down to the bottom.
It was fun with him on top and me on the floor. 

So, so beautiful!!

The above pictures are of the same place. 
One was taken when we were on our way out, the other when we left. 
I marvel constantly at the change of tides. 

Have I mentioned that we LOVE our mission?!!
We love Nova Scotia, the land and the people. 
More importantly, we love the opportunity we have to serve our Father in Heaven in His Holy Temple. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Another Great Weekend!

Once again, we woke up Sunday morning and determined to go to New Glasgow for church.

They don't have a huge congregation, but they surely are welcoming and great to be around. 
We had a nice hotel. 
These guys kept an eye on us in the evening and sunrise. 

Sunday afternoon we took a great drive. 
This is Melmerby Beach on the Northumberland Strait.

I found this beautiful shell and was so excited! 
I picked it up and found that the occupant was still occupying......

We discovered this cute library
 on the edge of the church parking lot. 

I am fascinated with all of the beautiful churches in Nova Scotia. 
The early settlers had their hearts turned to God. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Weekend Adventure!!

Sunday April 17, we woke up and decided to go to Annapolis for church. 
We arrived to a delightful welcome!
What a fun visit we had there!
Not only do they have a beautiful building, 
the people there are even more beautiful!

We had made no arrangements for food or lodging. 
I planned to take care of that when we got there, and had internet access. 
Before we had a chance to get on the internet and make reservations, 
Bob & Adele Thompson invited us to stay at their B&B. 
Talk about a bit of heaven!

We had an absolutely lovely room! 
It is the room in front on the second story with the balcony. 
Adele fed us as though we were royalty. 
She even sent us home with a yummy pie!

Monday we took a drive to Mavillette Beach. 
What a beautiful drive we had. 
Much of it was along the Evangeline Trail.
We made a quick stop here at Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse. 

Along the Evangeline Trail there are many beautiful churches. 

Mavillette Beach is a beautiful sandy beach. 
The flat beach seems to go on forever!

Following our trip down the coast, Bob & Adele took us to 
Port-Royal National Historic Site.
Port-Royal was established in 1605 by the French, was France's first successful settlement
 in North America, and became the capital of Acadia.
It was destroyed in 1613 by British forces. 
Then France relocated  the capital 5 miles upstream to where
Annapolis-Royal stands today. 

After our fun visit down the coast we returned to dinner at 
The Crow's Nest in Hillsburn was so, so delicious!
We all had potato skins for an appetizer (far left), Laurence & I had scallops that were the best ever! (middle) and Bea & Sister Hunter had the seafood chowder. Oh my! Talk about yummy!!!
Middle Picture, left to right: Bob & Adele Thompson, Sister Hunter, Bea & Mike Yaciuk, Elder Hunter & Sidney.
Laurence was cameraman. 
Elder & Sister Hunter are member-support missionaries in Annapolis. 

On the way back home Bea and Michael took us to this site. 

You can never get too much of Tranquil Times at Sandy Bottom Lake. 
We adored it there. 
It was so peaceful. 
We saw beavers, ducks, geese etc. 
Most of all we felt the love from the Thompson's, Hunter's and Yaciuk's! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hawaii for the Evening!

~The Dartmouth Ward Celebrates the Birthday of Relief Society~

On Tuesday April 5th
Come fly with us on a trip to Hawaii via
Extraordinary Airlines. 
We will be celebrating
The Anniversary of Relief Society
and the opportunities for service in this wonderful organization. 

Boarding begins at 6:20 pm at the chapel and take off is at 6:30.pm 
We'll begin with snacks and a program. Dinner will be at 7:00 pm.
Don't miss your flight!

A fun evening was had by all!!
Left to Right: Trudy, Sister Pitt, Sister Linford, Sister Lamoreaux, Sister Pratt
Trudy is our friend here in the building, Sister Linford, Sister Lamoreaux and I serve in the temple together, 
Sister Pratt and her husband serve in Sydney, NS and lucky for us, they happened to be in town. 
Notice that Sister Lamoreaux is wearing the dress she got while serving a mission with her hubby in Samoa. 

The ladies went to a lot of work to decorate and make everything festive. 
The flight was super. We had several in flight movies. 
I didn't show it, but dinner was Hawaiian Haystacks. 
One of my favorites!

We were entertained by our very own ukulele group.  
Part of their Relief Society Enrichment meetings had been ukulele lessons for those interested. 
They culminated with a great performance. 

A good ukulele group just begs for hula dancers. 
We were fortunate to have these sisters spontaneously join in. 

We had such a fun time that evening. 
Dartmouth is not the ward we live in, 
but one of the perks of being a missionary is that you get invited to all kinds of fun things!!

Thanks to the Dartmouth Relief Society for a really fun evening!!

What is Relief Society??

The Relief Society is the oldest and largest women's organization in the world. 
Relief Society was established in 1842 for women 18 years of age and older. 
It's purpose is to build faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and homes, and help those in need. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Farmer's Market ~ Halifax

General Conference Weekend ~

When Conference Doesn't Begin Until 1pm ~

We went to the Halifax Farmer's Market with the Nelson's. They are a wonderful couple! We love them!!
Little did we know that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had the same idea. 

To say that the crowds were huge is an understatement. 
I felt sorry for the vendors. 
They had no chance to sell their products, there were so many people there to see Trudeau. 

Loved this vendor's fun spin and humor!

We purchased bread, bacon, pork chops, jewelry, apple cider, cheese....... 
The farmer's market is so fun!
I didn't purchase an emu egg, but was fascinated by them. 

Afterward we headed to a really yummy restaurant!
What better place to go with Charlotte & Darrell than 

Spudskins was my choice for the day!
Not pictured is an amazing cranberry milk shake. 
The entire meal was so yummy!

Laurence opted to try the Award Winning....
Peanut Butter Burger....
He had fun trying it, but I don't think he'll do it again. 
It came with Darrell fries. They were really good. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The BIG 50 and Other Adventures!

Today you are you, That is truer than true. 

There is no one alive who is youer than you. 

~Dr. Suess 

Our friend Frances celebrated her big birthday!! 
She had so many creative ways of celebrating. 
Truly the celebration that never ends. 
Her big goal for her birthday was to get a certain amount of family history completed.
Then perform the temple work for all of those family members.
With a lot of work on her part and much help from her friends, she met her goal. 

This party was a culmination of those efforts!
She is so fortunate to have so many friends to help her out 
and an amazing husband
Bill to support her through it all!! 
Not only did Bill help her at the temple, he is also a great cook!!

I Found Another Beach!!

Fisherman's Reserve is a quaint and active fishing village that is 
protected by a huge rock breakwater. 
The breakwater provides shelter from the harsh Atlantic Seas. 
The fishing vessels still need and use it's protection. 

Acadian (descendants of French settlers who came to North America from 1604 onward) fishermen 
have fished from there for many years. 
The fishermen would tend their boats in the summer and live in 
the fishing huts that line the shore. 

Lobster and herring are the main catches here. 
However, Trudy and I caught sight of migrating 
Canadian geese, coming home for the summer. 
When I think of France's goals for her birthday for her family, 
and when I think of Trudy's friendship to me.
I think this quote applies. 
They both serve well!