Saturday, January 22, 2011

BrInG On ThE PaStA!

We Try to Be Prepared...
As a family we try to be prepared for emergencies.We think of emergencies in terms of unemployment, natural disasters, financial disasters etc.
We see being prepared in terms of food, water, financial, spiritual etc.
Because of this we tend to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk is only wise if you can use or preserve what you buy.

We buy spaghetti in 25 pound boxes.
 That can be a lot of spaghetti!
 I have a bottle that I keep the spaghetti in. It holds about 4 meals for my family.
 I take the rest of the spaghetti and divide it into groups and put it in my food saver bags.
 The food saver and bags vacuum seal the bags.
Hmmmm next time I take a picture of my foodsaver I better polish the stainless steel.....
When I finished I had 7 bags. These won't last more than about a year, so I am not worried about it going bad. When I store more than that I either seal it in mylar bags with an oxygen absorber or in a #10 can with an oxygen absorber.

What do you do to have your family prepared for an emergency?


  1. Fabulous! You make me feel lazy! Err. ;) I really need to do better in this area.

  2. Aunt Sidney, (Not my Mom) Mrs. Glenda put on her blog the Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe that she left a comment about on my blog. Thought I would let you know since you were curious as to the recipe.

  3. Haha!! Thanks for straightening me out Carmen. I went over there and I'm going to try that. Sounds delicious!!


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