Monday, January 3, 2011


A few years ago Laurence got a feeling that he should look his cousin Bonny. She is a cousin on the Pitt side of his family. After some intense searching he found Bonny living in Oregon with her daughter. We found out that she had been diagnosed with cancer and had already out-lived the time given her. She had 3 wishes before she died. She had accomplished 2 of them and figured the third would never come to pass. Her third wish was to visit Nauvoo, Illinois. That is where we came in. We have wonderful family that lives in Nauvoo. (on my side of the family) We made arrangements for Bonny to fly to St. Louis where we met her at the airport. We took her to Nauvoo and spent a wonderful week with my cousins Viv and Dave.
Bonny was like the EverReady bunny. She just kept going and going and going...... She kept all of us running.
A bonus for us was that Bonny had been doing family history/genealogy since she was 12 years old. Laurence had himself a family history buddy!! Bonny had done so much, and together they were able to do even more.
We became friends with Bonny and her sister Rikki. They lived together in a home in Provo, Utah. Their nephew Duke also lived with them. We came to truly love Bonny, Rikki and Duke. Such good, good people! We were even able to be there when Rikki attended the Mt. Timpanogos Temple for the first time.
A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from Bonny's granddaughter. She told me that Bonny had been diagnosed with a new type of cancer that was moving very rapidly and Bonny was not expected to last through the day and she certainly wouldn't make it through Christmas. In true form for Bonny she died on New Years day. We are grateful to have had Bonny in our lives on this earth and look forward to seeing her in the next. We hope to continue our friendships with Rikki and Duke. Thank You Bonny for being a part of our lives!!

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  1. Bonnie really was a neat lady and I was so glad we lived in Nauvoo so we could get to know her. I have NO DOUBT that she is on the other side still doing geneology!


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