Tuesday, March 17, 2015


We feel both Blessed and Lucky!!

I bet you guessed that we didn't take this picture!! If we had it would all be white.
This gives you a bit of an idea of where we live. Our apartment is on
the side of the building opposite the temple, with our patio and front door facing the back parking lot.

This is the view out our laundry room window. It is a common laundry for the entire building.
We are fortunate that it is on the same floor as us,
just about 100' down the hall on the opposite side.
A couple of days after we arrived here we went for a drive.
We ended up at the Halifax Harbour, on the Dartmouth side. The Harbour is so beautiful.

We were glad we got to see it before the onslaught of snow!! We haven't been able to go down there since.
My favorite Paddy the week of St. Patrick's Day.

Our front door. As of April 12, we still haven't been able to use this side walk. Soon, soon!!
We are loving our life!!
We are definitely blessed to be here!!
We are in the perfect mission for us!
So grateful that the Lord is in charge!!

Friday, March 6, 2015


We left Portland, Maine the morning of March 5 headed at last for Canada. We went to Houlton, Maine, where we crossed the border into Canada.

That was a very painless process. The Canadian Border Patrol were very nice and accommodating. The reason that it was so easy is because the church makes sure that you have all the paperwork you need so you aren't caught missing something. We even had papers on us that they didn't ask for...... but they could have.
We had a snowy, icy drive into Fredericton, New Brunswick. We saw many signs saying to watch for moose. However, we didn't see any. I think it's the wrong time of year.
We didn't see any honeybees either...... haha!!
We stayed the night at the beautiful Crown Plaza Hotel in Fredericton. Fortunately for us is was the week of spring break throughout the province so with Priceline's help we got a fantastic deal. What a fun hotel with an amazing restaurant!
 The morning of March 6th we left Fredericton, New Brunswick headed for Dartmouth/Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was a beautiful drive with lots of snow and trees!
 Our first view of the beautiful Halifax Nova Scotia Temple! What a beautiful sight!!
We love the Halifax Temple!! We feel so honored to be allowed to serve the Lord here.

Portland, Maine and Beyond!!

March 3 We arrived in Portland, Maine. The son of a dear friend who used to live in Colstrip invited us to stop in and he would give us the grand tour.
Chad is a wonderful man! He took his entire day off to show us the sights and take us to eat amazing food!
Becky's Diner was really great! Check out my lobster salad below!

Love this young man more than that amazing salad!!
I taught him part of his Freshman year of Seminary.
He will forever be one of "my kids."

Chad hasn't lived here long, but he surely knows some of the best places to go!!

Yes, they had a bit of snow in Portland as well!!

Thanks Chad for such an amazing time!! We hope you come visit us!!
Now back on the road....

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Playing Catch-up.... Our Trip to Nova Scotia

We left Salt Lake on Thursday February 26, headed for Sidney's sister JoAnn's in Cheyenne, Wyoming
 We had such a fun visit with them AND got caught up with our laundry. We got these fun pictures of JoAnn & Paul and Michelle. Unfortunately I didn't remember to take pictures the night before when Rebecca and her family and Greg and Corinna were there. It was so good to see all!!

We left JoAnn's on Friday February 27, headed for our Excellent Adventure!!
 There was a bit of snow on the ground, nothing though that would be any sort of a problem.

We stopped at this fun restaurant in Grand Island. I didn't realize at the time that it is a chain. I love wings and we had a delightful time there!!

 It seemed like such an accomplishment to cross the Mississippi River!!
This was the worst snow we had during the trip.
It seemed like toward evening it would begin to get a little stormy, we would stop for the night and all would be clear the next morning. We were right in-between two storms. One behind us and one ahead of us.
This was a fun restaurant somewhere in Pennsylvania. I think it was a chain as well.
NEW YORK..... Need I say more?!
Dodge Ram Crew cab pickups with full-size beds and New York City traffic are not exactly friends.
With Laurence's excellent driving we made it through.
We knew it would be an adventure.....  
We were so blessed during the entire trip! We truly felt that we were being protected the whole time!