Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family Pictures

With Aisling home for Thanksgiving, we had our friend Chelsie come over and snap some pictures.

Thanks Chelsie!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Venison Anyone? Grass and Garden Fed!!

I have been wondering for a while now if I was watering the deer at night as the birdbath seems to be emptying quickly. Today as I was sitting at my office desk, I saw this gentleman walk straight across the lawn, directly to the bird bath. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing! When I opened the blinds this morning I had 7 does in the yard outside my window. Too bad people can't hunt in town, they could fill their freezer and hardly ever leave my deck!! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Times They are a Changin'!!

23 years ago today, Laurence and I drove down to Salt Lake. We got there in time to go to the courthouse and get our marriage license. We stayed that night with Viv and Dave. I thought it would be fun to unearth some pictures from then! We were married in the morning of November 6th for Time and All Eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. Dave performed the ceremony. Afterwards we had a luncheon at Viv and Dave's house. It was delicious!! Laurence's mom and sister Mila came, along with many of my family. (This picture isn't very good, it was a polaroid and I waited too long to scan it).We left the next morning for a honeymoon in Ireland! Oh how I LOVE Ireland!! (Laurence thinks it is way cold!!)
This is Bunratty Castle just outside Limerick and the happy couple!!
As was the custom at the time, because Lovell was so far from a temple, we held our reception after we got back from Ireland. Things have changed so much since then! We now have a temple in Billings (although I would still go to Salt Lake!), we have one more absolutely amazing daughter, we are nearing retirement, we have grandkids and great-grandkids. Yes indeed, times they are a changin'! This much I have learned: I am married to an incredible man!! He loves the Lord and is wonderful to me! He was certainly worth the wait! He is so thoughtful!! I am really looking forward to retirement and going on a mission together!! He'll be the best mission companion ever!! I could never ask for anything more!! Here's to 23 more wonderful years!! Thanks so much for the past 23 Laurence!! I LOVE YOU!! You make my life complete!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Friday Harbor on Wednesday... The Fun Continues!

On Wednesday Viv and I drove to Anacortes. What a beautiful town. I'm sure it's expensive to live there, but exploring it would be tons of fun!!
We took a ferry to Lopez Island and then another ferry to Friday Harbor. These are a part of the San Juan islands. What a fun, fun time!! I loved the time on the ferry. So fun to be on the water. As I've said before I really should live where there is more water!!
This is the beautiful Lopez Island. The trees there are beautiful!
It was so fun to be on the ferry, there were so many islands! It was fun to imagine how life would be to have a home on one of them, or to actually own your own entire island!:)
Lunch at Friday Harbor! I LOVE good Fish and Chips (my Irish mission/heritage), and these were wonderful!! They also had really good malt vinegar. It doesn't get any better for lunch!!
I had such a fun fun day!! Thanks so much Viv for making it absolutely wonderful!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let The Fun Begin!!

When everything settled down I stayed in Arlington for an extra week to play with my best friend and cousin. What a fun time I had! I hope Viv and Dave had even a little bit of the fun I had!!Day one we went to Leavenworth. What a GORGEOUS drive!! I was told that it was prettier a week earlier with all the fall colors, but I don't know how it could have been better than the day we went.Leavenworth is a little town way up high in the mountains that has been transformed into a Bavarian Village. The architecture is so wonderful! Lots and lots of little shops, restaurants and fun for everyone!! Thanks Viv & Dave for such a fun, fun day!!

For more about the earlier parts of our trip, read on.....