Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another Challenge.... Are You KIDDING???

Most of you know that I am participating in a 30 Blogging Challenge. So far this has truly been fun, entertaining, educational and definately a challenge! Especially since I am doing both this blog and the Queen Bee blog.

Too make my life more interesting my sweet niece Carmen also threw down the gauntlet!! Carmen NEVER takes the easy way..... Here is her challenge. 
  • "Would You Like to Join me in 52 Home Projects? It can be organizing or simplifying something in your home! I will have a linky opened every Saturday for the week. If you would like to join me, you can post your Blog Post to this post so I can come and see! If not, You can cheer me on still in the comment section."
So, what am I thinking of? I decided to join her challenge as well. Now you must know Carmen and I are exact opposites. Carmen has a place for everything and everything in it's place, and she has 4 children, the oldest of whom just turned 7, her husband is in the military and is often deployed leaving her a single parent.

I on the other hand have a pile for everything and nearly everything in a pile.

Although I have no photo to turn in to Carmen, she did only post this today and I saw it AFTER my great accomplishment of paring down, boxing up in the most organized fashion ever (for me) and putting away all of the Christmas decor. I was actually thinking to myself as I put the last box away just how organized it looks this year.

So, this is me, reporting in to Carmen.


  1. You crack me up! Look at it this way - It will be just 4 small house project that will give you material for your 1st 30 day blog challenge! ;) And see! You did your 1st out of 50 House Projects already! (Heehee)

    Believe me, I am going to feel the pain when the weather warms up to clean the garage!

  2. You're always looking after my welfare Carmen!! :)

  3. Wow - I love your background.... very cute.


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