Tuesday, July 28, 2009

AnOtHeR PrEsEnT???

Laurence has taken up a new hobby. He is making walking sticks from diamond willow.
The bottom, shorter one he made for me. The top one is the one he is working on for himself. He does a GORGEOUS job!! The whole time he was on vacation with Glenn he worked on them. He finished up one he had already started for Glenn, the two of them refinished two that Mila already had that Glenn brought her from Alaska 25 years ago. They made one for their sister Sharla. Busy guys!!
"Relaxing" with his diamond willow and dremel tool.
In sinks canyon, he had all of these hung over a tree limb while the varnish dried. He would sand it till it was just soft to touch, then put on 5 coats of varnish, sanding between each coat. He does such beautiful work with wood.
He got Glenn involved. Glenn is stripping the bark off the willow.... that's the first step.
Laurence is hand sanding.
Glenn with his finished walking stick. Laurence put a compass in the top of it. He says that way Glenn can always find his way west......

Mine hanging to dry on our deck.
The very last thing he did to mine was to lace a piece of deer hide around the area where I will be holding it. It should make it easy on the hand.
They are gorgeous. However, now he has a problem, I think he is out of willow. I think you can get them in Alaska or Northern Montana. The better ones come from Alaska. Road trip anyone?????

Apple Raspberry Cobbler

Erin asked for the recipe for this so I decided to post it for one and all: We used a 12" Dutch Oven.
1 21 oz. can pie filling (we used apple)
3-4 boxes of washed raspberries (because Aisling was kind enough to bring them from UT!)
2 boxes of the cheapest yellow cake mix on the shelf

Spray the Dutch Oven w/ Pam.
Dump in pie filling, and raspberries
Add 7-up until it just covers the fruit. So, how much you use will depend on the size of your oven.
Pour cake mixes on top.
Put on the lid.

You determine the number of briquettes by the size of the oven. Ours was a 12" oven. You subtract 3 from the bottom and add them to the top. So, that makes it 9 charcoal briquettes under the Dutch Oven and 15 charcoal briquettes on top. This cooks at about 350°.
It will need to cook for 20-30 minutes. Not to worry.... you'll be able to smell the delicious aroma!! Start checking it at about 20 minutes. If it isn't boiling you may want to add a briquette to the bottom. But be careful not to burn it. You want it to cook until it is brown on top.

You can delete the fresh fruit and just use 2 cans of pie filling.
Or you can use canned peaches and omit the 7up.
Regardless of how you do it, yummy is the result!!

Uncle Glenn, if I have made any mistakes in this, please post corrections:) Thanks!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm a LUCKY GIRL!!!!

Yesterday we got to go to Hardin to meet up with Glenda, Chris, Carmen, Victoria, Nicholas and Alexander. It was so fun to get to spend some time with them. Especially Glenda, she had joined up with the little party in Seattle so we hadn't seen her yet.
Bless her heart!! She brought me the most beautiful gifts!!! She has a machine embroidery business and made these tea towels for me. I LOVE THEM!! These are the personalized napkins she made us. Aren't they gorgeous!! So much talent!
Glenn picked up some horns and antlers in Wyoming, when the grandbabies found them they were so excited!!! I laughed so hard!!
I wish I could have captured Nicholas when he took the horns, held them up to his forehead and started pawing the ground with his foot. He was great!!
Grandpa Glenn hooked the horns up to their bikes. What fun!!
Then Vicotria discovered the Elk Antlers.
Alexander with his newly mounted bicycle horns.
What a fun, fun family!! I'm so glad we got to spend some time with you!!! Thanks for coming our way!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is Aisling AGAIN! Here are some more pictures from camping and the fun experiences we had together up on the mountains with family! Doesn't this cobbler look wonderful? We made it with apple pie filling and fresh raspberries! It's super easy, tastes wonderful, and is a great camping food!
Shirl and Darrell, aren't they so cute? I love this picture so much!
Look at them! Holy Cow!! Four siblings together at once??? AMAZING!
Cooking over the fire-YUM!
Everyone enjoying life and relaxin together!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Louis Lake

While Aisling and I were in Wyoming we went up into the Wind Rivers to Louis Lake. We got a couple of rustic cabins. Glenn, Laurence and Aisling in front of our cabins. We were lucky enough to have cabins that had a shared wall!! (And as an added perk, was close to the bathrooms and bathhouse!!)
Can you beat this? Top of the Wind Rivers, on a lake! It doesn't get any better!

Louis Lake in the early morning.

The lodge there has boats, canoes and kayaks.

Such a fun time!!
Louis Lake is a gorgeous lake!! However, the fishing the couple of days we were there ...... not so gorgeous!!

Glenn did all of the cooking and cleaning. Aisling was his able assistant.

Glenn gets a break..... he deserved it after doing most of the driving, all of the cooking, he was the captain of the boat....... I'm sure he was relieved when Aisling and I went home!!
Another favorite activity!!
I took so many pictures of the lake. It was so awesome!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Laurence & Glenn's Excellent Adventure!!

Laurence's brother Glenn came up from Georgia for a couple of weeks. Laurence took the time off work so they could play. They have had waaaaaayyyyy too much fun!! (And I am so glad!!)
Aisling and I got to go join them last weekend. At first we camped in Sinks Canyon. Just outside Lander Wyoming is a canyon called Sinks Canyon. Sinks Canyon is so named because the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie (pronounced Po-Po-zsha), a rushing mountain river, flows out of the Wind River Mountains and through the Canyon. Halfway down the canyon the river abruptly turns into a large limestone cavern, and the crashing water "sinks" into fissures and cracks at the back of the cave. The river is underground for 1/4 mile until it emerges down canyon in a large calm pool called "The Rise" and then continues its course into the valley below. Where the water goes while it is underground is unknown. The sinks narrow to small, unexplorable log and rock jammed fissures. The Sinks and Rise occur in the thick, easily eroded off-white Madison Limestone formation. For many years it was unproven that the water flowing into the Sinks was the same water flowing out at the Rise. Dye tests have proven it is the same water but have revealed other mysteries: it takes the water flowing into the Sinks over two hours to reappear at the Rise. Geologists speculate that while underground the water circulates up and down and through many narrow, winding passages and pools until it resurfaces. It was also discovered that more water flows out at the Rise than goes in at the Sinks. The additional water may be coming from underground springs or other sinks formations in the area.
Such a BEAUTIFUL area, and being just a few miles out of Lander makes it that much better!!
Glenn and Laurence had a great time (and still are), they shot black powder rifles and pistols, worked on Diamond Willow walking sticks, and ate incredible food!!
Did I mention that Uncle Glenn is an awesome cook?! He and Dutch Ovens are best of friends!!
AND not only is he an awesome cook..... he cleans up too!! I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know him. I think that since Laurence and I got married in 1986, we have only seen Glenn 3 other times and they were all very brief. This has been a TREAT!!!
Now we just need to spend this kind of time with his wife Glenda as well!! (Only 13 more months and she gets to retire!!)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

*~&^ Redneck Riot ^&~*

This is Aisling, reporting in for Sidney today on our adventures!
Today we had the opportunity to go with my Uncle Glenn shooting! It was most excellent!
There were two pistols that shot regular bullets, and then a .44 pistol and a rifle that were black powder! I personally loved the black powder .44 pistol!~! Here are some of our cool pictures!I know right? Doesn't she look so adventurous and rockin' here?? :D
My Uncle Glenn and I shooting "Redneck Style"
This is the "Black Powder Rifle"
And again....look at that smoke! I still kinda smell funny!
Regular pistol, it kicked soo bad!
MY FAVORITE!! This was the funnest to shoot of all the guns, and I completely enjoyed it! I'm glad my Uncle Glenn took a chance on an unknown girl who may just have shot his head off with my horrible aim!
This picture just plain rocks.
My mom is a camera genius.
Uncle Glenn's FIRST time shooting this gun ever!!
It's brand new! YES, they even taught me how to clean my own gun!
Boys you better be nice to me! I'm soo buying my own!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You Mean My Electricity Doesn't Just Come From the Outlet?

Laurence's brother Glenn is here visiting. Sunday afternoon we took him on a tour of Western Energy Coal Mine. Laurence is a computer geek here, I didn't get pictures of that because it's not nearly as picturesque as the mine equipment!We started out showing a few of the dragline buckets that aren't in use. This is a little 40 yard bucket, with Laurence and Glenn.The top of one of the draglines viewed from the wall of the pit. The boom of the dragline is about 325 feet long. Longer than a football field. We got to go on one of the draglines. The operator was GREAT!! So willing to let us ask any questions, take pictures and just hang out. They take a bucket full of dirt from the bottom of the pit and put it up in a "hill" on top. This bucket is a 65 yard bucket.
In the background are piles of ground up coal that will be hauled out and taken to the Rosebud Power Plant north of Colstrip. Then the deeper coal will be taken to one of the four PPL Power Plants here in town, or shipped out on railroad cars to other plants in the midwest and turned into electricity there. The electricity that is created here at the Colstrip plants goes to much of the West Coast. The dragline operator dropped the bucket for us so we could have a "photo op". What a nice operator!! Thanks!
Can you believe the size of the chain links attached to that bucket?
I used to work for Western in the Equipment dept. but for whatever reason never got any pic's of me with the equipment. I took advantage of this opportunity.Glenn and Laurence with the Kress hauler. Glenn says that the tip of his fingers is about 8 feet. The haulers hold 200 tons of coal, and they go down the haul roads at about 50 mph. You definately stay out of the way!!

We got in the first of the Kress' when I was working for Western. I remember how the operators talked about how much easier they are to drive and sit in than the older ones. One of the guys offered to let me drive one when I worked there. I didn't do it because I was afraid he would get caught and get fired..... now I wish I'd done it. (He has since moved on anyway:). It was certainly a fun day. I'm glad Glenn gave us the excuse!