Monday, August 3, 2015

More South Shore Fun!!

Our cozy room at the B&B. We had great hosts and a wonderful breakfast!
Our host was cooking these for one of the other guests. He took them home on ice. 
The back view of our lodging. 
This is the view from the back deck! 
Even with the fog it was amazing!
I was able to sit out by the ocean and just listen to the waves and feel the sea breeze.
Okay, so it was more like the sea wind, but I loved it!!

Off to the Acadien History Museum..... 

It was a small museum, but very informative and fun with lots of artifacts. 
I would surely recommend this stop if you're in town.

A nice display on the history of the area and the French Acadiens.
They were so good to us. Bernice even stayed after hours to give us a grand tour of the gardens.
The gardens were lovely! They had veggies, herbs, berries, fruit trees.....
Bernice our garden guide was very informative! AND we got to taste test berries, peas etc!!

Next Stop.....

Acadien Historical Village

This house was moved in here. It was built in 1832. 
This home was built in 1856....
The demonstration in the blacksmith's shop. The shop was build in the late 1800's. 
The blacksmith made me a nail, I now have a souvenir. 
The chicken coop......
Fishing Shanty.....
Lobster trap demo.... lobster traps are not made from wood anymore. 
They're made from plastic coated metal.
Making a fishing net.........
This gentleman is a fisherman is his "other" life.
He was fascinating to listen to and learn from. 
At the end of the wharf there were all sorts of terns fishing for dinner.
They were fascinating to watch. Enjoy!

Anchors Aweigh!!
Beautiful scenery! 

Life through a lobster trap.....

We are truly enjoying the journey as we serve Our Father in Heaven!
We'll post the rest of our adventure to the south shore tomorrow. 

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  1. Loved the shots of the boats in the fog! Actually as I may have said before, I love all of your photos... you have a gift for this sort of thing... I hope others are enjoying your blog as much as I do.


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