Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Dancing Goat and More.....

Inverness Beach

Nothing like a beach first thing in the morning!
I love beaches..... I can never get enough, enjoy!
I love looking for sea glass on the beach. 
The guy ahead of me in this picture is from Annapolis Royal collecting sea glass.
He does this regularly and got much more and larger glass than I. 
My sea glass.
I wish I'd put a coin with it. None of it is very large. 
I'm very happy with it.
Our friend Gloria says she'll take us to a beach near her that has sea glass the next time we visit. 
I look forward to that!! 

Brunch at the Dancing Goat.

The Lawless' serve in the temple.
Their son is a Mountie in Cape Breton and gave us several recommendations, this was one. 
ALWAYS trust a Canadian Mountie!!
They had amazing homemade breads, muffins, cookies etc. 
We purchased all of the above to take with us as well as eating there. 
Gotta love this wall hanging.

Chetticamp, NS

We made a quick stop to the store in Chetticamp. 
Chetticamp is a very French part of Cape Breton. 
St. Peter's or Saint Pierre's Catholic Church
Note the French Acadian flag flying just below the Canadian flag. 

Cabot Trail
Skyline Trail

The Skyline Trail, if you go the full loop is about 7 miles long. 
When I read that it included 300 stair steps I was out. These knees aren't up to it. 
Laurence and I did not do it. Aisling did. As a result I don't have pictures. 
These pictures are the ones we took between the pickup and partway down the trail. 
Aisling went the entire trail and saw absolutely no wildlife. 
We on the other hand saw these 2 moose calves and their mama 
between the parking lot and the trail head. 

Dinner at the Rusty Anchor in Pleasant Bay.
Yes indeed, this is a lobster roll. There were two and the fries were amazing as well. 
The lobster roll was simply the roll, a piece of lettuce, chunks of lobster drizzled with butter. 
Oh my goodness!! So good!
We are loving our life here!!
It is such a blessing to us to be able to serve our Father in Heaven here!


  1. Oh my goodness that lobster roll made my mouth water. We are heading east next month and I plan on eating several. I am enjoying your blog and all of your beautiful pictures.

  2. Again, another beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.


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