Tuesday, August 25, 2015

AND...... She finally arrives!!

After much anticipation and several flight delays ~
Our daughter Aisling arrived in the Maritimes!
We arrived at our house about 2 am. 
She really didn't pack all that heavy, 
it's just that we had so many things we wanted her to bring us; 
it took an entire extra suitcase. 
After waking up, we headed out. 
There is a lot to fit into one week.
First stop, take the ferry over to Halifax and go to the boardwalk.
Our first stop was NovaScotian Crystal. 
Fun to watch and hear the tour. 
 These tradesmen have mad skills!
Next Stop...
Harbour Hopper Tour
Saint Mary’s Cathedral Basilica
The Harbour Hopper Tour takes you out onto the water as well as on the street. 
 I've wondered since we arrived at this beautiful building. 
Today I found out what it is.
It's a casino. How disappointing is that?!
 George's Island
A small drumlin in the middle of the harbour. It was created by glaciers.
From the mid-1700's through WW II it was the scene of military activity
and was paramount in defence of the Halifax Harbour.
 George's Island is one of my favorite sites. 
I'd love to visit the island.
Can you really get too much of a great, beautiful island.....
 ...... and it's lighthouse.
 This little lady was playing the fiddle on the Halifax Harbour Boardwalk. 
 Laurence decided to take a bit of a break while Aisling and I continued to explore. 
Our beautiful daughter at the end of a long, hard day. 
We loved, loved, loved having Aisling here with us!
What a privilege to get to share with her this land people that we love so much!!


  1. Georges Island was also used as the "morgue" when the Titanic sank. They brought the dead there, then used the identification process they developed in the after math of the Halifax explosion to give names to the victims.... Glad you got the Crystal tour I have yet to get it.

  2. Oh Frances, I'm so glad you added that. I forgot to put it in! That's why I have friends!!


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