Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The South Shore and Home......

Dinner Monday Evening....
The Red Cap Restaurant

At the Acadian Museum they told us about an Acadian dish called Rappie Pie. 
Rappie pie is a traditional meal from southwest Nova Scotia or Acadia. 
Its name is derived from the French "patates rapees" meaning "grated potatoes". 
It is a casserole-like dish traditionally formed by grating potatoes, 
then squeezing them through cheesecloth. 
Hot broth made from chicken, pork or seafood along with meat and onions 
are added finished by layering additional grated potatoes over the top. 
  This was my dinner. It was great! 

This beautiful church is Saint Pierre Catholic Church, 

located in West Pubnico, NS it was built in 1891.

The three flags are as follows, the middle and highest one is the Canadian flag, the flag on the right is the flag representing the province of Nova Scotia, the flag on the left is the French Acadian flag. 
Here is a little about the Acadian flag. The tricolour represents the Motherland of the Acadians. 
The yellow star is the symbol of Mary, Acadian national symbol and patron of the mariners. 
It is set on the blue stripe, because blue is the colour of Mary. 
The yellow colour of the star represents the Papacy. 
When we were at the Acadien Historical Village, the gentleman at the fishing shanty suggested we
go to Dennis Point Wharf. (The informational signs in the area all have the Acadian flag like the one below.) 
Dennis Point Wharf was a very interesting place to visit.
It is the largest commercial fishing wharf in Atlantic Canada. 
Over 1,000 fishermen and women make their living at the wharf 
and fish for a variety of ground fish and shell fish, most notably lobster.  
Although it was quite foggy, the fog added to the charm and dimension of the wharf. 

As luck would have it, right across the street was the 
Dennis Point Wharf Cafe
How could we have been so fortunate!?
Man, oh man!! Laurence had the Parmesan Haddock. He said it was the best he'd ever had.
I had the seafood chowder. It was the best I've ever had in a restaurant. It had HUGE chunks of lobster!!

Homeward Bound.....Next stop, Barrington again....

What a fun museum.
They demonstrated carding, spinning and weaving. They have quite a few artifacts there. 
The appliqued mural (above) includes the first piece of Nova Scotia tartan that was woven in 1953. 
 It is located right on the Barrington River. 
That made it easy to access the power from the water. It is a turbine driven mill. 
The river here is beautiful. It is a coppery/amber color.
It reminds me of Copper Creek up on the Big Horn Mountains. 
Hmmmm wonder if there are any brookies in there???
They told us the color was from the peat bogs upstream. 
Peat bogs..... I had no idea they have them here. 

And now......
Fort Point Lighthouse Park ~ Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Welcome to Liverpool!
This is the Mersey River, named after the Mersey River running through Liverpool, England. 
The Acadians named it Rivière Rossignol but the English renamed it.
Yes!! It was still open!!
This light house is a bit different than the others we've seen. 
The weeks before a beluga whale was spotted. 
Apparently summering here. Of course it was in hiding the day we were there.
 We did have lots of show-offs tho'! 
The birds and waterfowl in Nova Scotia just amaze me!
It's like a whole National Geographic show of our very own!
Some are a little more introverted than others. 
Just don't let that seagull see that you have food, he'll dive-bomb you for it. 
This concludes our excellent adventure to parts of the South Shore. 
Now back to the work we came to Nova Scotia for. 
We are so grateful to know we have a loving Father in Heaven who is always there to reach out and help us move forward. 
We just have to want it and open that door. 
He loves us more than any of us will ever be able to comprehend. 
We are so blessed to have that knowledge. 

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  1. Once again your photos and commentary are amazing... you really could publish this blog as a book to attract tourists to the area! Sometime we'll have to check out that one restaurant... the food looked fantastic!


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