Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Beautiful Night in Sydney

Our last night in Cape Breton (Saturday) we spent in Sydney. 
Sunday morning we headed to church. It wasn't very far from our hotel. 
They have a beautiful building and the members there were so good!
We had a wonderful missionary couple in Colstrip, Elder & Sister Allsop. 
They told us to keep an eye out for their great-nephew, Elder Allsop. 
We found him here in the Sydney Branch.
Saturday evening after dinner, Aisling and I took a stroll down the boardwalk. 
I don't know if you can read this or not. 
If not..... sorry.
This fiddle is an icon on the Sydney Harbour. 
At 60 feet tall it's the largest fiddle in the world!!
The view from our hotel room window.
The flags from left to right: Nova Scotia (blue/white), Canadian, Cape Breton (green/gold)
Officially named  FIDHEAL MHOR A’ CEILIDH, or the Big Fiddle of the Ceilidh.
Ceilidh (pronounced kālē) is a social event where there is Scottish or Irish folk 
music and singing, traditional dancing and storytelling.  

Fiddle de-de

On the road back to Cole Harbour
Port Hastings church
This is one of our mottoes. 
We love our mission, being on a mission makes it easier to keep God first in all things!

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