Wednesday, August 26, 2015


We headed to Cape Breton on Wednesday morning. 
Cape Breton is separated from the mainland by the Northumberland Strait.
We crossed on the Canso Causeway and the bridge. 
The bridge provides access for autos and for trains. 
The bridge rotates for ships and they pass from one side to the other with the tidal locks and canal. 
We crossed the Canso Causeway and headed west to Port Hastings, then on to Mabou for the night. 
The second night was in Pleasant Bay, the third in Louisbourg and our final night in Sydney. 

We found our abode for the night.... Ceilidh Cottages
That's pronounced "Kayley"
Our lovely cottage...... in Mabou, actually outside Mabou, on the road to Mabou Beach
This was our comfy living room. We had a kitchen, dining room, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.
This is definitely my kind of roughing it!!
St. Mary's Catholic Church
I think I'm obsessed with the churches here. 
Left to my own devices, I would take a picture of each and every church we see.
The churches in the Maritimes are beautiful!
The sun goes down on the Mabou Harbour
On our way to the Mabou Lighthouse
I'm really curious as to what the white is in the soil. 
It reminds me of the alkali in the soil in Wyoming, but it's not. 
The water here is home to many cranes and other water fowl. 
We've seen quite a few Canadian Geese as well. 
Mabou Lighthouse
It's one of the smallest we've seen. 
It is 47' tall and was built in 1908
Although small, it is a beautiful lighthouse
It's light can be seen for 9 nautical miles. 
Every bit of Nova Scotia is amazingly picturesque. 
We saw these stacked up against the shed. It was evident they were traps.
What kind?
Snow Crab..... who knew?!
In the village of Mabou were several little shops.
Here is Aisling with HER shop sign. 
So fun!!
After dinner we went for a drive. 
Our first stop was the above lighthouse and Aisling's shop. 
Next was a trip down the Mabou Beach road. 
That was a real surprise. Either you have to hike to the beach or.....
We just didn't know how to find the road....
The sun was just getting ready to set over the ocean. 
I may have gotten a bit overly enthusiastic in taking pictures of the sunset. 
Okay.... so I did over do it.... and these are just my favorites. 
Definitely time to head back to our cottage for a good nights rest. 
Can you believe the beauty of this area? 
So gorgeous. 
We surely hope that everyone will follow the beckoning of the Lord.
He is our light and our salvation!


  1. Beautiful! While you are here you will have to get a CD of "The Rankin Family" They are from Mabou. I do hope Aisling was able to get at least a little something in her shop! They should have given her a discount based on he name alone.

    1. Thanks Frances! Aisling had a great time. However "her" shop was closed. It was after hours.

  2. I think the white rocks is gypsum. Beautiful pics by the way

    1. Awww that makes sense! Thanks for the compliment! Nova Scotia is so, so beautiful!!

  3. Love all the pictures. They tell a beautiful story.


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