Saturday, August 29, 2015

Let Your Light so Shine!

Louisbourg Lighthouse

Across the bay from the Fortress of Louisbourg is the Louisbourg Lighthouse. 
Such a beautiful lighthouse and area! 
The lighthouse is out on a point that is surrounded by awesome beauty. 
 The water is beautiful and some of the rock formations reminded me of The Giants Causeway in Antrim N. Ireland
 Nova Scotia has well-maintained trails everywhere. 
This area is no exception. The trail goes down the coast here. 
Aisling would have liked to hike it. Unfortunately time was not on her side. 

Excuse the photo over-load....
I just can't decide which pictures I like most. 

The original Lighthouse foundation 
Incredible beauty!
Enjoy the views!!

 There are 10 red Adirondack chairs at places considered particularly beautiful in Cape Breton.
We saw several of them. 
You were supposed to take a picture sitting in them and submit it. 

This was a wonderful trip and we loved who we traveled with!!

Thank you for traveling along with us here in Nova Scotia! We are truly blessed!!

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