Friday, August 28, 2015

Whale Watching..... without the Whales

Black Brook Beach, Cape Breton

We had an appointment to go Whale Watching at Pleasant Bay. 
We arrived for our appointment only to find that the weather wasn't cooperating. So sad.
The operators of the tour were kind enough to make us an appointment for a tour over at Ingonish in the afternoon.
We headed to Ingonish and discovered 2 incredible beaches on our way!

Black Brook Beach!

I loved this beach!! 

I've heard a couple of explanations for the amber color of the water, 
neither of them seem plausible. Hopefully someone will let me know what it really is from!

  My goal is to have a day at this beach with a book and flip flops. 

Ingonish Beach

Ingonish Whalewatching

Our boat for whale watching, the Joan Malachi.
Beautiful resort on the cliff.....
On our way out of the harbour. 

Our cute seals....... isn't the water gorgeous?!

We were also able to see a harbour porpoise, unfortunately they were so quick we barely saw them.
There was no opportunity for photos. 
What fun, fun family time!
She says she's pouting because her mom keeps taking pictures....
I think she's pouting because we saw no whales.....

Along the road.....

Lunch in Ingonish
I had the sandwich that was featured on Food
Delicious!! Grilled Chicken Focaccia Sandwich.
Although I have no picture, we ordered the Coastal Crab Dip as an appetizer. It was so yummy!
It was also featured on "You Gotta Eat Here".
Laurence didn't like it, something to do with it tasting like fish..... LOL
Yay!! More for Aisling and I!
The Seal Island Bridge, it crosses the Great Bras d'Or channel of the Bras d'Or Lake.  
The Bras d'Or Lake is an inland sea. 
This is the view as we came off the bridge heading eastward. 
This week has been a great opportunity to collect moments!! 
We are so grateful that Aisling was able to come visit us! 
We arrived in Louisbourg at our cottage for the evening.
We are so grateful to be here in the Maritimes. 
We feel incredibly blessed to be able to serve our Father in Heaven here. 
We know that miracles take place daily and that as we keep His commandments, 
we are blessed with a growing faith and testimony of Our Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ. 
We love them with all of our hearts!


  1. Beautiful! So happy for you that Aisling got to visit. Seemed like a wonderful trip.

    1. Hey!! You were able to comment! I love it! It was so fun to share this with Aisling! Surely wish we could share it with you!

  2. My hubby will tell you the water is that colour due to the iron content in the ground it passing thru

    1. Wow!! Must be amazingly high % of iron. The color of the water is so beautiful.

  3. You seem to capture the beauty and spirit of the areas you visit! I love your pictures their quality is amazing, you bring the province I love to life with them! I honestly think you could publish your blog as a book entitled: "A hint of the beauty which awaits the wonderer!"

    1. You are such a good friend!! You know how much I love it here!! You need to come over and see the pictures I had done on canvas for the apartment. They are gorgeous!


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