Sunday, July 26, 2015

Amherst and Pugwash

Sunday we got to go to church in Amherst with President and Sister Nelson

Amherst is a small branch about 2 hours from Cole Harbour. In our church, a branch is a congregation that is smaller than a ward. They are both organized geographically and members attend a ward or branch near their home. Amherst is in Nova Scotia, just three kilometers or 1.8 miles from New Brunswick. 

We can't thank President and Sister Nelson enough for letting us tag along with them!
They are the world's best tour guides and we love them dearly!!
We arrived to find a beautiful church and grounds. 

The people in the branch were so kind and welcoming! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit!!
The treat for the day was that we got to listen to both President & Sister Nelson speak. 
They are both amazing speakers. 
I'd be delighted to listen to either of them anytime!!
They have a large property there. Plenty for expansion!! 

There are beautiful maple trees around the perimeter of the grounds! 

We were invited to President and Sister Brogan's home for lunch following meetings. 
President Brogan is the Branch President over the branch.  Like a bishop over a ward. 
They live in Pugwash. It is about a 30 minute drive from the chapel. But it is stunningly gorgeous out there!!
They served us a delicious lunch and were so good to us! What a fun visit and what great new friends!!

This is the view from the family room window. The body of water is the Northumberland Strait. 
The Northumberland Strait is the body of water that separates Prince Edward Island from the mainland. 
On the very horizon you can see Prince Edward Island.
Later in the day, when it cleared a bit, we were also able to see the bridge across from New Brunswick to PEI. 

This is their back yard.  They are in the process of completing their home, hence the gravel pile. 
Love the rustic barn. 

This sight warmed my heart! It is obvious that this beekeeper gets his paint the same place dad always got his!! 
Beehives always make me think of my dear dad! He had a birthday this week. He would have been 91. 

Our hearts are filled with gratitude to Our Father in Heaven for answering our prayers and sending us to this incredible mission! Our testimonies of Him and of His church grow daily. 
We love our friends and family that stop by our blog. 
Leave us a comment! They make us feel loved!!

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  1. Love the detailed map! The pug wash beach has a lot of cottages on it, one of which is owned and frequently used in summers by Anne Murrary... you'll have to go to Spring Hill someday to see her family home which I believe is a museum in her honour.


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