Tuesday, July 28, 2009

AnOtHeR PrEsEnT???

Laurence has taken up a new hobby. He is making walking sticks from diamond willow.
The bottom, shorter one he made for me. The top one is the one he is working on for himself. He does a GORGEOUS job!! The whole time he was on vacation with Glenn he worked on them. He finished up one he had already started for Glenn, the two of them refinished two that Mila already had that Glenn brought her from Alaska 25 years ago. They made one for their sister Sharla. Busy guys!!
"Relaxing" with his diamond willow and dremel tool.
In sinks canyon, he had all of these hung over a tree limb while the varnish dried. He would sand it till it was just soft to touch, then put on 5 coats of varnish, sanding between each coat. He does such beautiful work with wood.
He got Glenn involved. Glenn is stripping the bark off the willow.... that's the first step.
Laurence is hand sanding.
Glenn with his finished walking stick. Laurence put a compass in the top of it. He says that way Glenn can always find his way west......

Mine hanging to dry on our deck.
The very last thing he did to mine was to lace a piece of deer hide around the area where I will be holding it. It should make it easy on the hand.
They are gorgeous. However, now he has a problem, I think he is out of willow. I think you can get them in Alaska or Northern Montana. The better ones come from Alaska. Road trip anyone?????


  1. I'm in!! I'd love to go to Alaska. They really are nice walking sticks.

  2. If I ever get stationed in Alaska, I'll keep my eyes peeled for future walking sticks. :)

  3. Hey, that's when Glenn got them for his sister Mila, when they were stationed in AK:)

  4. Seems to me Uncle Gary needs to be getting some calls! (wink)

    UL does great work! I enjoyed seeing the pics.

  5. I'm ready for another road trip; especially to Alaska. It would be like going home. Glenda


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