Friday, July 24, 2009

Louis Lake

While Aisling and I were in Wyoming we went up into the Wind Rivers to Louis Lake. We got a couple of rustic cabins. Glenn, Laurence and Aisling in front of our cabins. We were lucky enough to have cabins that had a shared wall!! (And as an added perk, was close to the bathrooms and bathhouse!!)
Can you beat this? Top of the Wind Rivers, on a lake! It doesn't get any better!

Louis Lake in the early morning.

The lodge there has boats, canoes and kayaks.

Such a fun time!!
Louis Lake is a gorgeous lake!! However, the fishing the couple of days we were there ...... not so gorgeous!!

Glenn did all of the cooking and cleaning. Aisling was his able assistant.

Glenn gets a break..... he deserved it after doing most of the driving, all of the cooking, he was the captain of the boat....... I'm sure he was relieved when Aisling and I went home!!
Another favorite activity!!
I took so many pictures of the lake. It was so awesome!!


  1. These pictures are beautiful! There is nothing better than time with family and nature. Fun!

  2. wow! looks like a great lake to enjoy!

  3. What a fun trip, it looks so nice!


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