Sunday, July 19, 2009

*~&^ Redneck Riot ^&~*

This is Aisling, reporting in for Sidney today on our adventures!
Today we had the opportunity to go with my Uncle Glenn shooting! It was most excellent!
There were two pistols that shot regular bullets, and then a .44 pistol and a rifle that were black powder! I personally loved the black powder .44 pistol!~! Here are some of our cool pictures!I know right? Doesn't she look so adventurous and rockin' here?? :D
My Uncle Glenn and I shooting "Redneck Style"
This is the "Black Powder Rifle"
And again....look at that smoke! I still kinda smell funny!
Regular pistol, it kicked soo bad!
MY FAVORITE!! This was the funnest to shoot of all the guns, and I completely enjoyed it! I'm glad my Uncle Glenn took a chance on an unknown girl who may just have shot his head off with my horrible aim!
This picture just plain rocks.
My mom is a camera genius.
Uncle Glenn's FIRST time shooting this gun ever!!
It's brand new! YES, they even taught me how to clean my own gun!
Boys you better be nice to me! I'm soo buying my own!


  1. I'm going to try to stay on your good side Aisling! I'm glad you had fun.

  2. Wow.... And um, how is it that my Dad is shooting a new powder-pistol? Did he buy another toy? (giggle)

    You are right, Aisling, that one picture of the clouds and the smoke with you shooting is awesome!


  3. Was that a heart cloud??? It is a "sign" you need to shoot!!! I'm glad for the first time that you live so far away.


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