Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is Aisling AGAIN! Here are some more pictures from camping and the fun experiences we had together up on the mountains with family! Doesn't this cobbler look wonderful? We made it with apple pie filling and fresh raspberries! It's super easy, tastes wonderful, and is a great camping food!
Shirl and Darrell, aren't they so cute? I love this picture so much!
Look at them! Holy Cow!! Four siblings together at once??? AMAZING!
Cooking over the fire-YUM!
Everyone enjoying life and relaxin together!


  1. I want some of that cobbler! YUM!!

  2. There is nothing better than cobbler and family is there? Thanks Aisling for the post!

  3. You know Tera, all you have to do is cross the state to Ft. Campbell and I'm sure Chris and Carmen would be delighted to make some for all of you!!!!! Chris learned his outdoor cooking skills from Glenn so I'm sure it's GREAT!!! (Wish you could do it!)

  4. That is very tempting Sid... I may have considered it if we weren't heading back to Utah this week. :)

  5. Well it still would have been fun Tera! Who know's, maybe sometime you guys will be at the same base? Wonder if you'll ever be stationed at a chinook helicopter special op's base? (It's all Uncle Sam' Army isn't it?!)

  6. I want to eat some of that cobbler!! I need the recipe. We are trying to get our dutch oven out and working again. We've moved so much, they have been in storage for about 8 years! Time flies!


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