Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Perfect Match!!

A few years ago when I was in Washington Uncle John let me pick out a table from the ones he made. It was such a HARD decision because they were all BEAUTIFUL!! Finally I settled on a gorgeous table Aunt Helen had in her living room. I love it and it has had a place of honor in our living room ever since. When Laurence was in Lander with Glenn this summer their sister Mila gave them each the lamps they had made in high school. (She had gotten both of them along with their brother Gary's from their mom.)
To be honest about it, they were in pretty bad shape. Laurence brought his home, and really worked on it. He sanded off all the old finish, really cleaned it up, smoothed it up etc. Then he refinished it, rewired it, and we bought a shade for it.
Who would have imagined that it would be a PERFECT match for the table Uncle John made. They look like they were made to go together. I am so happy!! I feel so blessed to have two wonderful pieces of history!!


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