Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Apple Raspberry Cobbler

Erin asked for the recipe for this so I decided to post it for one and all: We used a 12" Dutch Oven.
1 21 oz. can pie filling (we used apple)
3-4 boxes of washed raspberries (because Aisling was kind enough to bring them from UT!)
2 boxes of the cheapest yellow cake mix on the shelf

Spray the Dutch Oven w/ Pam.
Dump in pie filling, and raspberries
Add 7-up until it just covers the fruit. So, how much you use will depend on the size of your oven.
Pour cake mixes on top.
Put on the lid.

You determine the number of briquettes by the size of the oven. Ours was a 12" oven. You subtract 3 from the bottom and add them to the top. So, that makes it 9 charcoal briquettes under the Dutch Oven and 15 charcoal briquettes on top. This cooks at about 350°.
It will need to cook for 20-30 minutes. Not to worry.... you'll be able to smell the delicious aroma!! Start checking it at about 20 minutes. If it isn't boiling you may want to add a briquette to the bottom. But be careful not to burn it. You want it to cook until it is brown on top.

You can delete the fresh fruit and just use 2 cans of pie filling.
Or you can use canned peaches and omit the 7up.
Regardless of how you do it, yummy is the result!!

Uncle Glenn, if I have made any mistakes in this, please post corrections:) Thanks!!


  1. It looks good! Directions are fine too. -- Yum!!! You can also add some cinnamon if you like it in your cobbler. :)

  2. Thanks for checking it for me:) Appreciate that!!

  3. Thank you, Sid!! I am so excited to try this out!


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