Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Laurence & Glenn's Excellent Adventure!!

Laurence's brother Glenn came up from Georgia for a couple of weeks. Laurence took the time off work so they could play. They have had waaaaaayyyyy too much fun!! (And I am so glad!!)
Aisling and I got to go join them last weekend. At first we camped in Sinks Canyon. Just outside Lander Wyoming is a canyon called Sinks Canyon. Sinks Canyon is so named because the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie (pronounced Po-Po-zsha), a rushing mountain river, flows out of the Wind River Mountains and through the Canyon. Halfway down the canyon the river abruptly turns into a large limestone cavern, and the crashing water "sinks" into fissures and cracks at the back of the cave. The river is underground for 1/4 mile until it emerges down canyon in a large calm pool called "The Rise" and then continues its course into the valley below. Where the water goes while it is underground is unknown. The sinks narrow to small, unexplorable log and rock jammed fissures. The Sinks and Rise occur in the thick, easily eroded off-white Madison Limestone formation. For many years it was unproven that the water flowing into the Sinks was the same water flowing out at the Rise. Dye tests have proven it is the same water but have revealed other mysteries: it takes the water flowing into the Sinks over two hours to reappear at the Rise. Geologists speculate that while underground the water circulates up and down and through many narrow, winding passages and pools until it resurfaces. It was also discovered that more water flows out at the Rise than goes in at the Sinks. The additional water may be coming from underground springs or other sinks formations in the area.
Such a BEAUTIFUL area, and being just a few miles out of Lander makes it that much better!!
Glenn and Laurence had a great time (and still are), they shot black powder rifles and pistols, worked on Diamond Willow walking sticks, and ate incredible food!!
Did I mention that Uncle Glenn is an awesome cook?! He and Dutch Ovens are best of friends!!
AND not only is he an awesome cook..... he cleans up too!! I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know him. I think that since Laurence and I got married in 1986, we have only seen Glenn 3 other times and they were all very brief. This has been a TREAT!!!
Now we just need to spend this kind of time with his wife Glenda as well!! (Only 13 more months and she gets to retire!!)


  1. Those pictures are beautiful. UL and my Daddy look like they are having fun! I can't wait to hear all the stories of what they have been doing. :) Thanks for sharing!


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