Monday, July 13, 2009

FaMiLy RoCkS!!

Last weekend we had a fun time going to Cody to meet Laurence's brother Glenn and his family.
What a fun time! We met them at the campground had a wonderful breakfast; then headed out for Old Faithful!!
Here we are at O.F. complete with electronic gadgets!!
Laurence, Carmen, Chris, Alexander (on Chris' shoulders), Victoria, Nicholas and Glenn.
Carmen is 7 months pregnant with litte Caroline. Doesn't she look incredible!? She's a trooper, heading off across the US in an RV at this point in time. (Did I mention that it's a high risk pregnancy?)
I had only met Carmen twice that I remember and I believe the last time was about 20 years ago when they moved back from Alaska. This was such a neat treat!!
Glenn and his "big" brother Laurence fixing breakfast. Glen can cook anything in a dutch oven or trash can!!
As an added treat, we got to bring Glenn home with us!! He and Laurence are going to be spending time in Wyoming for the next two weeks. I am so happy for them!!!

Laurence and Glenn at Old Faithful

Victoria took on the job as papa's photographer. This is a photo she took of Nicholas, Carmen and myself.

Glenn, Carmen, Chris, Alexander, Victoria, Nicholas and Uncle Laurence

Old Faithful Lodge

Chris, Glenn and Laurence back at the campground. As fun as the Park was, I think they all preferred the quieter campground.

Carmen, Alexander, Chris, Victoria and Nicholas. What a great family! Thanks so much for sharing the day with us!!
I am so glad we had the opportunity of spending time together!! I can tell that if we lived closer we would be friends. Unfortunately I don't see the Army transferring Chris to Colstrip anytime soon!!


  1. Victoria is a pretty goon photographer for a 5 year old. Glad ya'll (yes, I'm southern, but my heart is in the west)could spend some time together.

  2. oops good photographer


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