Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kentville and the Annapolis Valley

Sunday we went with President and Sister Nelson to church in Kentville. 
There are so many wonderful members in Kentville ~ people I am thrilled to call my friends!
Kentville is on the opposite side of Nova Scotia from Cole Harbour. 
It is about 70 miles and takes about 1 1/4 hours to get there. 

We had a great drive to Kentville. 
Our first stop was at Port Williams by the river. 
Notice that Port Williams was established in 1769.

Port Williams is on the Bay of Fundy and the Cornwallis River. 

The water level rises and falls depending on the tide.

While in Kentville we had a delicious lunch at President and Sister Bush's home

In President Bush's previous life.... before retirement and now serving in the Temple Presidency, 
he worked at the Agricultural Research Station in Kentville. 

 The grounds there are beautiful! Many schools make appointments to go there for their prom pictures. 
That is more easily done here than it would be at home since prom here is in June. 

This is at the Grand-Pre National Historic site. It is a salute to this area of Nova Scotia 
as a main Acadian settlement from 1682 to 1755. During the French and Indian War, 
those Acadians that would not swear allegiance to the British crown were deported. 
Many ended up in the New Orleans area.
Acadians are descendants from the original French Settlers to this area. 

Sadly I have no pictures of the dykes. Hmmmmm must be slacking!!
They're mostly all covered with beautiful grass etc. 

The Bay of Fundy is so amazing....
This will be full of water and all that goes with it when the tide is in.....

For now it is a huge mud-flat with a beautiful coast

and really interesting mud formations that will be changed in a few hours. 

Us, in front of what Elder Pitt fondly refers to as "the mudflat". 

Further along our tour we had the chance to see the Bay of Fundy and the verdant land that is this valley. 

The Valley here is gorgeous. We are at the top of what is called the Annapolis Valley. 
The Breadbasket of Nova Scotia. 

This is a carved eagle in the highbush blueberry farm. 

This is a thought that I wish all would remember! 
Being righteous truly will overcome wickedness; even if it doesn't seem so at a particular point in time. 

We are grateful beyond words for the opportunity to serve a mission here in 
Dartmouth at the Halifax Nova Scotia Temple.

We are incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to help our kindred dead receive their blessings
 from Our Father in Heaven so we can be together as families forever


  1. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Glenda!! I'm so glad you were able to post!!

  2. I love the shot of the church at Grand Pre... I haven't ever thought to take it from that angle... I love the beauty you capture in your pictures and the information you share in your blog... It is such a blessing to have you here!

    1. Thanks so much!! You know we love it here and are being incredibly blessed!! Love having good friends like you!!


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