Thursday, July 9, 2015



Monday afternoon when our chores were completed we had a few extra hours. 
We chose to make our way across the harbour to the Halifax Public Gardens. I'm so glad we did!!
The Public Gardens are so beautiful and will only get prettier. 

These are called Carpet Beds. They are gorgeous! 
It is evident that they have fantastic gardeners there!

There a lots and lots of water features!

Begonias grow fabulously here in the sun! 
I love these basket, trailing varieties.

I've always loved flowering dogwoods. 
I've never seen them blooming. This has been so fun!!

Be sure to read the plaque in the upper corner of this. 

The Bandstand.
There are concerts here every Sunday during the summer. 

This is the Victoria Jubilee Fountain. 
It was installed in 1897 for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

This fountain is a memorial to the soldiers that fought in the Boer War. 
It was installed in 1903

This pretty little fountain was installed in 2004.
People raised the money to rebuild parts of the gardens after Hurricane Juan destroyed parts of it. 

I love these urns. There are four of them around the bandstand. 
I can hardly wait to see them when the climbers are bigger!

Another shot of the Victoria Jubilee Fountain

We continue to be grateful for each and every day of our mission!! 
We feel like this mission is tailor-made for us.
We love our Father in Heaven and are so grateful that He trusts enough to call us to serve Him here. 


  1. Beautiful pictures of the gardens. Glad you are enjoying yourselves!

    1. Thank you Glenda!! We wish you could come visit! Enjoy the grands!!


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