Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Canada Day was a great day!!

At the wharf in Dartmouth

These guys were really, really good. 
"The Fine Tuners"
I'm going to try to upload a video I took..... look below

There were many big ships in Halifax Harbour. Mostly military.
Most of them were allowing people to go on board. We passed on that opportunity.
Laurence feels like he spent as much time as he ever wants on ship.....

These two young ladies were playing fun music on the Halifax Boardwalk. 
The money they received was going toward college.
The young woman in the red shirt is a member of our church in Halifax.

We have a calm life, and we are extremely happy!! 
We love serving the Lord here in Nova Scotia!! 

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  1. Glad you enjoyed our countries birthday! It is always nice to celebrate in anthers freedom and share the joy that it entails!


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