Tuesday, July 14, 2015

BEACHES!! This province has amazing BEACHES!!

After we went to Memory Lane 40's Heritage Village, 
we drove on down the road a few kilometers to the amazing 
Clam Harbour Beach

This beach is stunning!! 
What a last place to take the sisters before they leave us. 
They are really great sisters. Their families should be very proud of them!

The view here is gorgeous!

The beach going to the water is so smooth and beautiful!

Our designated dry person.....

The beach just goes on and on. There weren't a lot of people there. 
The water was so warm!!

We had a beautiful day!! 

He enjoyed the day as well!! Keeping watch over all of us. 

We are incredibly happy! 
We are serving our Father in Heaven in a place that is nearly heaven!


  1. That brings a whole new meaning to "dry driver" or "designated driver"! You guys are so awesome! Glad you enjoyed your beach day!

  2. Frances we had such a fun, fun day!! These sisters are amazing, Nova Scotia is amazing, our life is amazing!!!!!


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