Friday, June 26, 2015

Some Big EXPLOSION ......

Not far from Deadman's Island is another incredible monument.
It is a monument to the Halifax Explosion of 1917.
(Warning.... excessive history ahead.... I just find it so interesting!!)

During WWI, Halifax was the main base of the new Canadian Navy and housed the most 
important army garrison in Canada. The port was a major hub and the harbour was 
crowded with warships, troop transports and supply ships. 

Two ships collided in the harbour. The Imo, a Belgian relief vessel and the Mont Blanc, 
a French munitions ship. The relief vessel was headed for New York and the 
Mont Blanc was coming to wait for a convoy to Europe. 

The crew on the Mont Blanc took lifeboats to the Dartmouth shore and tried to warn the people. 
The ship floated til it rammed into a pier in Halifax. The Mont Blanc exploded, 
flattening everything for 2,600 feet. The fire spread quickly. 
In the end more than 1900 people were killed, 9,000 injured, 1600 buildings destroyed, 
12,000 homes destroyed, 6,000 homeless, 25,000 without adequate housing. 
This ultimately caused a tsunami which took more lives and then to add insult to injury, 
the following day one of the worst blizzards to ever hit Halifax began and lasted for 6 days. 
Aid was received from all over Canada and north eastern United States. 
To show appreciation to the city of Boston for their help, 
the province of Nova Scotia sends Boston a giant Christmas tree every year. 
The explosion from this was the largest man-made, non-nuclear explosion in history. 

We traveled to Horseshoe Island Park. It is just around the other side of the bay. 
The view here is gorgeous! In the background you can see Memorial or Dingle Tower. 

This tower was built In 1908, to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the 
establishment of representative government in Canada. 
I've read that the tower has been restored and is open to the public..... I see another Maritime bucket list item... 

The views here at Horseshoe Island (not really an island, a peninsula), are beautiful!!

  • We are loving our opportunity to serve in the Halifax Temple. 
  • We are so privileged to serve in the House of the Lord! 

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  1. largest man made explosion PRIOR to the atomic bomb... sadly we can still find ways to destroy each other.


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