Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lunenburg and beyond..... continues.....

Our wonderful day with the Hunt's and Jewers' continues. 
We can never express just what this day meant to us! 
We had so much fun and they make us feel so loved!

Blue Rocks Area Continued!! 

The end of Blue Rocks for today....

Back to Lunenburg

Mahone Bay from the golf course.... love it there!

Osprey from the golf course
and now we leave Lunenburg.....

Pat Jewers, Sister Pitt, Elder Pitt (love this woman!!)

We get to cross the LaHave River on the ferry!
I absolutely love ferries. Whether just going across a river or in the ocean!! 
Love that wind in my face and the smell in the air!

The view on the opposite shore! 

Love the water!! 

We arrived at the other side!

This fun beach is one you can drive on......

Unfortunately for us, the tide was coming in......
Brother Hunt didn't want to get caught out there....
Go Figure!! :)

The beach when we drove back a while later. So gorgeous!!

Headed to the LaHave Islands...
The beauty continues!

Love all of the wharfs with the lobster traps!
The season had just ended in this part of Nova Scotia the day before.

The bridge to the last island we visited in the LaHave Islands.

This old church was turned into a museum, it's beautiful on the outside. 
We got there when it was closed, we'll have to go back!! (Definitely looking forward to the trip!!)

I loved this beautiful bay that we could see from the bridge. I envy the people that live in the home in the background, but I won't envy them this winter!!

One last beach before we go! 
We're getting pretty hungry!

Our little beach cottage.....
Oh well, it's fun to fantasize!!
We had such a delightful day!! 
We can't thank Dianne and Wayne and Pat and Wayne enough!!
We loved the day and we really, really love them!! 

Our memories of the day are so wonderful and the friendships will be treasured for eternity!

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