Saturday, July 18, 2015

Keep Having Birthdays Bill!!!

A few months ago, Sister Harding suggested that the Buott's have us for dinner and have lobster. (LOVE HER!!)
As Buott's have been gone to the states, it had to wait until their return, 
which also happened to be on Bill's birthday eve. 
Bill bought the lobster and steak (I have no pictures of the steak, sorry), then we could all split the cost. 

Bill gave us a tutorial on cooking lobster....

Put it in head-first so it doesn't suffer....

Elder Harding and Elder Pitt try their hand at putting the lobster in to cook. 

All six lobsters are in to cook

Three in each pot.... cook for about 30 minutes. 
They are done when the tentacles pull out. 

This is their son Edward's choice for dinner...... 
I'm so glad that was not mine!! He was very happy tho'!

YES!!!! This is dinner!! 

Now for the next tutorial..... or we could have eaten them like Darryl Hannah does in the movie Splash 
and just torn into it with our teeth.... 

I cannot tell you how amazingly delicious this was!! Talk about fresh!!
Thank you Bill for scouring the shops for the finest, freshest for us!!

Not sure if Bill is making a wish or praying that we will soon leave him in peace....... 

Like any good birthday boy, he serves his own cake as well!!
Way to go Bill!!

This seems to be the motto of the people here in the Maritimes!!
We are so blessed to be able to spend time among such amazing people!!
We love them!! We love the Maritimes!!
We love the Buott's!


  1. we love having you in our lives and we both laughed right out loud during a few of your comments, the one about his wishes or praying you will leave has me still giggling... He was making a wish... for more days like the one he'd just had and for ones like our trip. Surrounded by friends who love us and can laugh with/at us and love us any way we come... who we love enough to clear the cat hair up for! Also i love the pictures! They look so good!

  2. Haha!! You two are fantastic!! We are so grateful for friends like you!! Thank you for vacuuming the cat hair up!! :)


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