Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Bit of Heaven in Lunenburg and beyond........

Sun Good morning Elder & Sis Pitt:    We formally extend our invite for a tour of the South Shore of Nova Scotia.   Please come for Brunch Monday June 29th at 11 am at the home of Wayne and Dianne Hunt. I know that you have GPS and can find us easily.  You will see a pile of gravel at the end of our laneway.  Following our brunch we will visit a couple of spots in Mahone Bay-  then on to Lunenburg to meet up with the Jewers.  In that area we hope to visit Blue Rocks and Lunenburg – Riverport, Rose Bay, lower Kingsburg then off to our little Ferry that crosses the Lahave River to take in the view of our drive on Cresent Beach-  we will circle through Riverport and Italy Cross and then stop for 5pm supper at Hebbville at the Blarney Stone for supper.   All of this is no cost to you as you are our invited guests.  We will return you to your vechile left at our home and wish you a wonderful and safe drive back to the city.
Looking forward to your excellent company
Red heart Hunts

The day was everything promised and much, much more!! 
The Hunt's are such wonderful examples of Christ-like love. We surely do love them!!
The Hunt's live in a beautiful 200+ year old farmhouse. 
It is beautiful! With gardens to match!!

Many of the people here fly the Canadian flag. 
That is a custom that I love!! 
We flew ours in Montana. 

They have a multitude of beautiful gardens

One of the fun gardens. 
They do such great things!
Love this garden and the hay rake at the edge. 

I took this thinking of Jamie Steen. I believe it's one of her favorites.... :)

The edge of the parking area. Next to the house. 
There were so many other gardens that I didn't capture.

I love the neat, tidy wood pile with the great roof to keep the wood burnable.

Fun shop in Lunenburg. Love the bright, coordinating colors!
Right across the street is a cute store in an old house. 
It has a beautiful staircase, stained glass window, fireplace... and me without a picture. :(

The Lunenburg Academy
Built 1893-1895 it is one of the few large scale wooden buildings still surviving from the 19th Century. 
It sits atop a hill and visible for miles(or kilometers).

This old home is up on the hill close to the Academy.
Homes like this are fun for the imagination.

St. John's Anglican Church of Canada in Lunenburg
This is the second oldest church of English origin in Canada, as well as a Canadian National Historic Site. 
It is recognized as one of North America's best examples of Carpenter Gothic architecture. 

Following a major fire in 2001, St. John's was fully restored and re-opened in June of 2005.

Three Churches of Mahone Bay in Lunenburg 

These three churches are frequently photographed and used on postcards etc.

Mahone Bay is a gorgeous bay. It is a reminder of times past.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a sail boat..... and be able to sail? 

There is no doubt, Lunenburg is gorgeous and fun. Here on Mahone Bay is phenomenal. 

The majority of the churches in Nova Scotia are painted white with black trim and black roofs. 

Lunenburg is packed with fun painted buildings. 
The dormer extending out over the eaves is called the "Lunenburg Bump". It is very popular in Lunenburg.

One of my favorite shots. Mahone Bay and Lunenburg from the golf course. 
It is such a picturesque area!

Wayne Hunt, Elder Pitt, Wayne Jewers
The three patient men we spent the day with!! 
My picture of the three ladies didn't turn out. 
If I get one from Dianne or Pat I will add it in. 

Am I a lucky girl or what!!!
This plus several more arrived in my email tonight.
Pat Jewers, Dianne Hunt, Sister Pitt

We are enjoying the best days ever; whether we're busy serving in the temple or out enjoying God's creations in Nova Scotia. 

This is about one-half of our day. The next half will be posted later. There was so much to see and enjoy!

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