Friday, October 16, 2009

Seattle Fun Times Day 1 1/2 Seattle Temple

I Love the temple and I Love this statue. It has always sort of pulled at my heart strings. When Aisling was little I could see this as our family. I got to attend the temple with some of my favorite people!! Mom, Uncle John and Aunt HelenViv, dashing to get the car so no one had to walk very far..... (she's always dashing for someone!!) A day at the temple is only complete if it ends with a yummy meal. We had ours at Aunt Helen's favorite.... Golden Corral!! Here is Dave having his favorite..... dessert or should I say desserts??
What a wonderful day! This would be a slice of every kind of pie topped with about a quart of soft ice cream. I know Laurence will be jealous, he would have liked to have shared THIS experience with Dave!! (BTW Laurence, this followed a selection of each and every cookie!!) Now I know you're jealous!!


  1. That was a fun day at the temple. Thanks for not showing my dessert!!


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