Monday, October 5, 2009

After the Show was Over......

The day Viv and Aisling left my cousins John and Maryanne came and picked us up at the hotel. They took us on a fun, fun road trip. Our first stop was Gloucester Harbor at Gloucester, MA. GORGEOUS!! Gloucester Harbor is a huge fishing port, and has been for hundreds of years.
These were a part of the memorial to the fishermen that had died at sea over the years.
On to Rockport Harbor, MA. How can so many places be so incredibly beautiful? I wish I had a lot more time to just enjoy the areas we saw!

Laurence at Rockport Harbor.
This is one of the most photographed buildings in America. It was made famous by Norman Rockwell. We felt an obligation to further the record by photographing it even more!! :)
Lobster traps at Rockport harbor. It was so fascinating there. If you were able to look into the water from the dock you would see millions of little minnows. It was like looking into a tank at a fish hatchery.
Our next stops were at Lexington and Concord. Why don't I have pictures??? Who knows?
This was a beautiful grist mill. What a fun stop. It turns out that when John and Maryanne got married they had their reception here.
The only down side was that it wasn't open to tour. It was way fun anyway!!
Mom, Laurence, Maryanne and John. Thanks so much for a fun, fun day!!

Laurence and I scheduled our flight out of Boston to be a late flight. That way we could go to Plymouth and do a little bit of family history. We were grateful that mom was such a good sport about it!! Thanks mom! Laurence is descended from a man by the name of Thomas Rogers. He and his son were passengers on the Mayflower.
We went to Pilgrim Hall Museum. What a fun museum. There Laurence found 2 books that gave some detailed family history in addition to background on these individuals that we didn't know. Our next stop was to the Plymouth Historical Society. They have gorgeous gardens there!! Mom and I toured the gardens while Laurence went inside. Look what we found while we were touring the gardens...... how cool is this?! Now Laurence can look up the Thomas Rogers Society!!This is a picture of the beach at Plymouth. I honestly don't think I can ever get enough of beaches and oceans!! And last, but certainly not least, no trip to Plymouth would be complete without a picture of the Mayflower. And thus ends our trip to Boston...... If you are just starting to read, you will find that there are numerous more posts and pictures to get to the beginning.


  1. I loved catching up on your blog!!! As you know my computer is toast so I haven't caught up for several days. Dave bought me a new laptop but my photos are still in my camera until I learn how to use it!!!Thanks for a fun fun trip!!!!

  2. That was quick!! I can't believe you got a new one so soon!! Am looking forward to your updates!!


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