Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Day in Boston!!

We arrived in Boston with a few hours to spare before picking up my mom and cousin Viv at the airport. Aisling and I went out to explore Boston's Freedom Trail. What a wonderful piece of history. It would be great to have a full day, or better yet two to walk it. Aisling and Paul Revere. On April 18, 1775, Robert Newman, sexton of the Old North Church, hung lanterns in the tower of the church, signaling to Paul Revere that British troops arrived by sea. Hence Revere knew he could best warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams of the arriving British troops by riding over land.
The Freedom Trail now leads across the Charlestown Bridge towards Charlestown's Navy Yard. This was one of the country's first shipyards, set up to create a naval force which up to that point had been no match for the British. The U.S.S. Constitution, built in 1797 and the oldest warship of the U.S. Navy, is moored here. Possibly the most famous vessel in the U.S., it won no less than 42 battles while it lost none and was never captured by the enemy.
What a fascinating tour the Navy has there! We really enjoyed it. However, I believe my historian daughter enjoyed it more than I did.
Faneuil Hall, a building known as the 'Cradle of Liberty'. While Faneuil Hall's first floor was Boston's main market place, the second floor served as a meeting place. Samuel Adams was one of the patriots who gathered here, trying to convince fellow colonists to unite and fight against British oppression. A statue of Samuel Adams stands in front of Faneuil Hall.

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