Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boston FUN!!

We picked Mom and Viv up at the airport. (They got in within 15 minutes of each other. Am I good or what?!)
We drove straight (well as straight as you can when having problems with the gps), to a restaurant that we went to last year for Viv's birthday. This time we were celebrating MY birthday, just a couple of days early. What better way to celebrate than with twin lobsters? Yes, that's what I said! Viv and I each got twin lobsters. YUMMMMMY!
The following day we set up for the show and took care of some errands. Then it was off for more fun!! Laurence's sister-in-law Glenda's brother Phil that is part owner/creator of the Blue Man Group. He ever so graciously gave us 5 (count them!! FIVE!), tickets for The Blue Man Group!! Thanks Phil!! We had a fun, noisy, eventful, entertaining evening!! I tried to get a picture of Aisling with one of the Blue Men, but a lady bumped my arm as I was doing it. (So sorry Aisling!!)
Viv with one of the Blue Men.
What a delightful time!! By the way, you can't take pictures at the theatre, so this last one is one I found on the net. (Just don't want anyone to think I broke any rules there!!)
We had such a fun time, we're sure grateful to Phil for making it possible for us!

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