Friday, October 2, 2009

Boston Trip-- New York

A couple of weeks ago we went to Boston. We were going to work a trade show for Queen Bee, but since Aisling was also going we decided to go a bit early and make a family event out of it. I AM SO GLAD WE DID!! (Although we travel yearly for Queen Bee, we don't ever take time for us as a family.)
We met Aisling at the airport in SLC. She was on the same flight as us. (Laurence & I had seats in the bulkhead because of Laurence's knee. That definately helped!) We got a rental car and drove to West Greenwich, RI for the night. The following morning we got up and drove to New London, CT to catch the ferry to Orient Point, Long Island, NY. What a fun time!! It took about 1 1/2 hours and was delightful!! I love the water...... so what am I doing in Montana???
After checking into our hotel by JFK airport Aisling and I proceeded to go into NYC to Time Square to get tickets for a Broadway play. What an adventure underground!! The subways weren't running as scheduled as there was work being done, so the train we were supposed to take didn't even go where we needed. Needless to say we spent way too long underground!! We got tickets at the 1/2 price booth at Times Square for Mary Poppins. What a fun event!! I love the live theatre, but not nearly as much as Aisling does!! (sorry about the weird guy in the background Aisling.... I didn't even see him when I was taking the picture!)Mary Poppins plays in the New Amsterdam theatre. As with all the Broadway theatres it is so gorgeous and ornate!!

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