Saturday, February 20, 2016

The BIG 50 and Other Adventures!

Today you are you, That is truer than true. 

There is no one alive who is youer than you. 

~Dr. Suess 

Our friend Frances celebrated her big birthday!! 
She had so many creative ways of celebrating. 
Truly the celebration that never ends. 
Her big goal for her birthday was to get a certain amount of family history completed.
Then perform the temple work for all of those family members.
With a lot of work on her part and much help from her friends, she met her goal. 

This party was a culmination of those efforts!
She is so fortunate to have so many friends to help her out 
and an amazing husband
Bill to support her through it all!! 
Not only did Bill help her at the temple, he is also a great cook!!

I Found Another Beach!!

Fisherman's Reserve is a quaint and active fishing village that is 
protected by a huge rock breakwater. 
The breakwater provides shelter from the harsh Atlantic Seas. 
The fishing vessels still need and use it's protection. 

Acadian (descendants of French settlers who came to North America from 1604 onward) fishermen 
have fished from there for many years. 
The fishermen would tend their boats in the summer and live in 
the fishing huts that line the shore. 

Lobster and herring are the main catches here. 
However, Trudy and I caught sight of migrating 
Canadian geese, coming home for the summer. 
When I think of France's goals for her birthday for her family, 
and when I think of Trudy's friendship to me.
I think this quote applies. 
They both serve well!

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  1. Beautiful words and pictures! From what I have learned with my friendship with you... is that you do amazing things for others without even realizing it! So glad I was blessed enough to be lucky enough to meet you early on in your time here... have been enjoying your company ever since!


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