Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cleaning and Playing.....

Another Shutdown....

Shutdown of the temple occurs twice a year. During this time the temple is closed for two weeks of deep cleaning, maintenance and miscellaneous upgrading. For us it also means that when we're done cleaning and such, we get to go play. Once again Aisling was able to fly out and spend a week with us. 
I'm so grateful for this time. She flew out on Friday February 5th. Unfortunately her luggage didn't arrive as soon as she did. We spent Saturday mostly shopping for some clothes for church, while her dad stayed home by the door bell and the phone, just in case her bags should magically appear. 
Sunday after church we went to a couple of beaches and just enjoyed the beauty! 

First Stop Lawrencetown Beach

Not far from our house is this beautiful beach. 
The afternoon we were there the weather was pretty chilly. 
We had a great time anyway. 

Lawrencetown Beach is a beautiful beach. 
Depending on the weather, there are frequently surfers, wind surfers, etc.
I don't know how they do it. They wear wet suits etc, 
but that doesn't change the fact that it is still winter!!
The rocks, shells, driftwood and other items are so fascinating to me. 
It is always so interesting to walk the beach and see what you can find. 

                                                                        Next stop......
        Cow Bay

We arrived at Cow Bay just in time for a lovely sunset.
We cherish each and every moment we have together as a family. 
We just wish the the other kids were able to make the trip. 

And thus began a wonderful week with our daughter! 
Sharing the beauties of the land and the people of Nova Scotia!

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  1. I hope the other kids get inspired by these beautiful pictures and decide to take a trip north of the boarder! I love that you have embraced our beautiful province and have shared that with your sweet daughter.


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